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Mo Dafeng, artistMO DAFENG His love of the American landscape, the fog-shrouded coasts and all things romantic is informed and illuminated by Mo Dafeng, born in Shanghai. The son of an art professor at the Art Academy of China, Mo was educated in China and is one of the few artists ever honored with shows at both the National Theater and the National Gallery in Beijing. He came to the U.S. in 1987 and fell in love with the beauty of the land. He was one of a number of Chinese artists who attracted the attention of Dave Usher, the late founder of The Greenwich Workshop, who was a pioneer in gaining exposure for their work in the United States. Refusing to rest on his laurels, Mo attended the Pratt Institute’s School of Art and Design in New York, graduating in 1993 with his MFA. In both countries, fellow artists never fail to be impressed with his remarkable ability to balance his subject with the very air and light around it. To his pleasure, he finds many of the same moods in America that he grew up with in China. "I guess it just goes to show," he says, "that our similarities are greater than our differences."

CARLA D'AGUANNO Carla D'aguanno was born in 1964 and resides in Massachusetts. She earned her BFA from the Otis/Parsons School of Design. Her work has appeared on numerous book covers and in exhibitions and permanent collections nationwide. She was honored by Art Trends with a first place Gallery Choice Award and a People's Choice Award.

Jim Daly, artistJIM DALY Soft-spoken and modest, Jim Daly would seem a reluctant celebrity. Still, his tender and nostalgic portrayals of children have earned him a wide and ardent following among collectors. Born in Oklahoma and raised throughout the West, Jim developed an early appreciation for the art of Norman Rockwell and at a young age knew he wanted to be a painter himself. He can recall"”and his parents still own"”a painting he did at age 13 of an old-fashioned barbershop. "Even back then," he says, "I had an interest in the past ... and I still prefer the warm palette I used then." After a stint in the army in the mid-1960s, Jim studied nights at the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design while working days at an aerospace company. Within just a few years, he was able to devote himself entirely to his art. His wife, Carole, and their four now-grown sons frequently modeled for him. He has now added a grandson to his list of favorite models.Jim's paintings are represented in many private and corporate collections and have earned a wealth of awards, including the Favell Museum's Western Heritage Award for excellence in portraying realistically and accurately early Americana. Articles about Jim's work have appeared in Southwest Art, American Artist and Art West magazines among others.Jim's works have been published by Mill Pond Press and the Greenwich Workshop...and his first one-man exhibition was held at Gallery One.

Dan D'Amico, artistDAN D'AMICO Dan D'Amico was born in Cleveland and now lives in California. He was selected for the Robert Bateman Master Class of 1991 and also studied at the Beartooth School of Art. He is a member of the Society of Animal Artists and his work has been featured in Wildlife Art News and The Best of Wildlife Art. His work is in collections at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and the Leigh Yawkey Art Museum. His limited-edition prints are published by Mill Pond Press.

KEN DANBY The art of Canadian Ken Danby is known the world over. He paints modern images that reflect the sharpness of our times with an abstract structure forged beneath a representational style. He is acclaimed for his work in landscape, sport and portrait genres alike. His international reputation has led Danby to many achievements. He was commissioned for a series of watercolor paintings for both the America's Cup sailboat race and the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. His original paintings reside in such institutions as the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. He has exhibited widely in Canada and the United States as well as Europe and South America.

Kevin Daniel, artistKEVIN DANIEL Kevin T. Daniel of Minnesota was born in 1951. He has won several best in show awards and has been named artist of the year by a number of organizations. He is a regular contributor to Gallery One's MasterVisions and Masterworks in Miniature exhibitions, the Minnesota Wildlife Heritage Show and the National Wildlife and Western Show. He was named to USArt Magazine's Hall of Fame and is a two-time winner of the Minnesota Duck Stamp Competition. Kevin's images can be seen in the book In Praise of Labs.

Linda Daniels, artistLINDA DANIELS Linda Daniels, a self-taught artist, was born in 1945. She was named Artist of the Year by the Timberwolf Alliance and also by Ducks Unlimited. Linda has exhibited in the Arts for the Parks Top 100 Tour, as well as the China Exhibition. Her art has been featured in The Best of Wildlife Art and on the covers of Wildlife Art and Collector's Mart Magazines. Her 2007 Masterworks entry won Gallery One's Master Palette - People's Choice award.

Danish, Dimitri, artistDIMITRI DANISH Dmitri Danish was born and brought up in the Ukraine. His father was the principal of a local high school and believed a good education included knowledge of art, music and literature. A fine amateur artist himself he encouraged his three sons to draw and paint from an early age. Dmitri's mother was similarly inclined and took her young children to every interesting cultural event she could find, from lectures about 16th century art to screenings of classic movies.
Considering the advantages of this background, it is hardly surprising that by the age of five Dmitri was taking his first professional painting lessons and by 13 was accepted into a gifted children''s art school. His technical excellence and creative skills increased dramatically and at 15 he was enrolled at Kharkiv State Art College.
In 1986 Dmitri graduated from college and began to teach art professionally, but very soon saw that this career would not allow him the freedom of expression he needed to paint successfully. After three years in the Ukrainian army he attended the Department of Fine Art at Kharkiv State University, and within two years had become a member of the prestigious Union of Ukrainian Artists. Dmitri's career took off almost immediately and he began to exhibit in Ukraine, Russia and other Eastern European countries. In 2000 he had a solo exhibition at the Kharkiv State Museum of Fine Art which purchased three of his paintings for its permanent collection. Soon thereafter his work became known in the United States with further prestigious sales including three works to the New Jersey Museum of Modern Art.
Influenced by the Impressionists and Post Impressionists, in particular Alfred Sisley, Edgar Degas and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Dmitri's first love has always been the details of a closely observed cityscape. His timeless oils on canvas portray beguiling scenes of his favourite European cities and sell for commanding prices on the international market.

Brian Davis, artistBRIAN DAVIS Born in California in 1946, Brian Davis was raised by musician parents to appreciate all things artistic. Painting became a passion with magnificent flowers and landscapes as his favorite subjects. Luckily for collectors, he portrays them as romantic, compelling images ripe with sharpness, color, movement, edge and light. Before he begins his masterpieces, Brian spends extensive time researching and scouting for a flower or scene that catches his eye. He carries a camera everywhere so he can shoot a subject at any moment. Since flowers wilt so quickly, and it can take weeks for him to complete a painting, Brian has found a way to create a floral image from a series of different shots for each flower. He may not do an exact botanical rendering and he may change colors and leaves at will. But the essence of the flower is always paramount. Brian believes that the depth in his art is derived from paying attention to the subtle shifts in value - relative to darks and lights. He is often asked if there is a light source behind his paintings. "The light is the real subject of my work. The flower is the stage, the light is the dancer." Among his many achievements, he is most proud of his commissioned work for The Huntington Library Art Collections and Botanical Gardens. His works can also be found in the permanent collections of The Huntington Library, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the New York Botanical Garden.

YVONNE DAVIS A non-traditional approach to an old art tradition is what makes the limited edition etchings by Yvonne Davis so distinctive. "When you become a printmaker, you are touching the past." says Davis. "I enjoy feeling close to the history of art. It is a technique developed years and years ago and is still being executed in the same basic manner. The first dated etching goes back to 1513, and it is a medium that was used by great masters." Davis' images are achieved through a combination of fine intaglio techniques and masterful hand coloring. Each original print is executed on the very finest all-rag etching paper. Great care must be taken at each stage of the tedious process to produce a high quality work of art. Once the etching is pulled and dried, the hand coloring of each individual print begins using inks and watercolors, sometimes colored pencils.

John Dawson, artistJOHN DAWSON According to his family members, John Dawson was already drawing at the age of three. He can't recall a time when he didn't know that art would be his life. Although his love of the outdoors took a while longer to develop, both art and nature quickly became integral parts of his work. After graduation from the Art Center School in Los Angeles, Dawson "paid his dues" at the Phillips Ramsey Advertising Agency in San Diego before deciding to follow his muse to the Sawtooth Mountains of the Wood River Valley in Idaho. There he experienced some tough early freelance years. Only after trips to New York, Boston and Washington D.C. did Dawson secure enough support to make a living doing what he loved. Since then the artist has painted animals and birds for articles, posters, nature guides, first-class postage stamps and even zoo signs, for such prestigious establishments as the National Geographic, the Audubon Society, the National Park Serice, the National Wildlife Federation and the U.S. Postal Service, among others. All his works display a meticulous attention to detail, supported by extensive research, interviews, personal experience in the field and eighteen-hour days at the drawing board. Although inspired by the remarkable terrain of the West, Dawson traded that environment for the tropical rain forests of Hawaii after a recent assignment in America's fiftieth state.

Michael Deas, artistMICHAEL DEAS Sophistication, marvelously textured light and shadow, architectural detail and dreamy young women are the hallmarks of the work of Michael Deas. His compositions are harmonious and balanced, his eye is superb, and his control of this medium is phenomenal. Deas showed a talent for painting at an early age. He began to work with oils in high school and grew more confident in the medium when he began to study painting at Pratt Institute in New York City. While a student at Pratt, he began receiving commissions to illustrate children's books. Deas' reputation as an artist grew tremendously when he won the Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators in 1990. Currently, he is one of the nation's premier illustrators. He created the lady holding the torch seen in the current Columbia Pictures movie introductions. And he was the artist behind the second best-selling postage stamp in United States history "Marilyn Monroe." Deas was also commissioned to paint "Uncle Sam" for the Army.

Cynthia Decker, artistCYNTHIA DECKER As a child, Cynthia would draw and paint at any opportunity. Her Mother taught computer science at a local college, and they had a computer in the house when not very many people had home computers. With a computer instructor for a mom, and an engineer for a dad, her earliest art materials were green and white perforated computer paper, and she used to doodle on used punch cards.

She began drawing on the computer — pixel by pixel in green and black monochrome— on an Apple II computer when she was about 13. Throughout high school and college she studied and practiced drawing and design, and as the technology became available, she started digital painting while continuing to work in traditional media; pastels, acrylics and oils.

She left college to begin a graphic design career and continued to teach herself and explore new digital media. She began using 3D software in 1998 and was immediately hooked. Initially, her portfolio was exclusively online, and she participated in many web-based galleries. People began requesting prints through her website and after doing research into fine art printing, she began creating and selling high resolution archival prints of her work in 2002. That same year she had her first solo show of non-photographic digital work in North Carolina.

Chris Dellorco, artistCHRIS DELLORCO A native of Los Angeles, Chris grew up in the Hollywood Hills, amidst movie stars, famous musicians, artists, and filmmakers in the 1970´s. "Laurel Canyon in the 70´s, has been likened to Paris in the ‘20s. Everywhere you looked; you would see and interact with the cultural icons of that very dynamic time."

However, Chris did not start out with the intention of pursuing art. He began with a degree in Developmental Economics from U.C. Berkeley, but could not forget a childhood living among some of the most significant creative icons of their time. Switching his focus to art, he went on to establish himself as one of the county´s foremost illustrators. Although completely self-taught, his art career has spanned all aspects of illustration while specializing in the film industry, children´s products and children´s books. A true renaissance man, along with the degree in Economics and a successful art career, he has also successfully written and directed an award winning short film starring Justine Bateman, receiving international recognition.

Dellorco´s oil paintings exhibit near photo realism, yet still capture a certain level of artistic beauty and sensuality. Generally, they depict the female figure, shrouded in richly colored fabrics, while dramatically set against Old World European architecture. Currently, Dellorco shows his fine art oils and limited edition prints at galleries spanning the United States. He currently exhibits his work on Celebrity, Disney, Crystal and Norwegian Cruise Lines, and has been featured on the cover of Premier Magazine, Art Business News, Society and Décor Magazine.

Don Demers, artistDON DEMERS Donald Demers was born in 1956 in Massachusetts. His interest in painting maritime subjects began while spending his summers on the coast of Maine. Crewing aboard traditional craft provided both the foundation for his technical expertise and the vision to transfer his first-hand experience to canvas. Today, his subjects are varied. He is winner of a record number (11) awards at the Mystic International Marine Exhibition, Mystic CT and at the Laguna Plein Air Invitational. His illustrations have been recognized four times by the Museum of American Illustration in their national competitions.

Mo Devlin, artistMO DEVLIN Mo Delvin’s journey into photography began in 1973 when he joined the U.S. Army as a photo journalist. He is an avid aquarist and renowned aquatic photographer for over thirty years. A past president of the American Cichlid Association he maintains close to 3,000 gallons of freshwater tropical fish tanks in his Pennsylvania home. His photographs and articles appear frequently in his blog, “Today in the Fishroom” as well as publications including Tropical Fish Hobbyist, Amazonas, Redfish and hobby magazines around the world.

Devlin perfected the art of photographing fish in their aquatic environment. Mastering the dynamic of how light travels through water was only the first of many steps in the frozen flower process. That intense sense of spontaneity Devlin captures is the result of a very deliberate process. These images are not simply stumbled upon, but meticulously created.

Freezing his “models” is the most important part of the process. When tap water is frozen the impurities show themselves as clouded white ice. Devlin experiments and continues to perfect his ability to control the outcome of how the ice forms and captures the subject. Sometimes the bloom itself can be the source of impurity. Any substance, natural or added to the plant, may cause large areas of clouded ice. Blooms with high sap or sugar content or flowers purchased that have been given a preservative, pose the biggest challenge.

One thing that occurs and is cultivated through his photos is the appearance of “ice trailers.” These are simply bubbles that have been squeezed out of the organic material then stretched as the freezing process continued. The science behind their formation is amazing.

Ron Dicianni, artistRON DICIANNI An artist whose heart is evident through the work of his hands, Ron DiCianni's paintings have been enormously successful in reaching and awakening the spirituality of thousands of art lovers worldwide. DiCianni's work has won him international acclaim, including a commission as official artist for the United States Olympic Committee for the Moscow Olympic Games. DiCianni has since dedicated his talents solely to the task of proclaiming the "Good News" of the Gospel. His paintings have captured the fervent prayers of a devoted father in Spiritual Warfare, a young woman molded by the hands of her maker in The Clay and the joy of Simeon who's greatest wish is fulfilled in living to see the Son of God in Simeon's Moment. Other credits include cover illustrations for This Present Darkness, Piercing the Darkness and Angelwalk. He is the creator and illustrator of the award-winning Tell Me... family book series in partnership with authors Max Lucado and Joni Eareckson-Tada, and he has recently authored Beyond Words, a collection of his favorite paintings with personal devotions.

Tim Dickson, artistTIM DICKSON As a UCLA student in the early 1980s, Tim Dickson remembers not being sure what he wanted to do with his life. But after graduating with a degree in design, he saw an ad for a warehousing job at a small art publishing company called Davis Blue Artwork. One of the company's owners was Brian Davis, today a top artist with Collectors Editions. "Brian taught me everything he knew about printing art, how to mix color, how to build a press," says Tim, owner and co-founder of Eclipse Workshop, Collectors Editions' in-house printing division. "I owe a lot to him." He fell in love with printmaking, and when Davis Blue Artwork was sold in the early 1990s, he stayed on with the new company, Eclipse Workshop, through a "sweat equity" ownership deal. Eclipse merged with Collectors Editions in 1997. With printmaking, "You have to maintain the integrity of the original art," he explains. "But there's also a creative process involved, and that's what I really enjoy."

Les Didier, artistLES DIDIER Original works by wildlife artist Les Didier have been in demand for more than 30 years. An Ohio native and Dayton Art Institute graduate, Les Didier established his commercial art business in Milwaukee in 1957. Wisconsin lakes and woods have since become his second studio. Didier's work was selected for the Leigh Yawkey Woodson's "Birds in Art" Show for four consecutive years. He is also a Wisconsin Duck Stamp competition winner.

GIOVANNI DI GUIDA Giovanni Di Guida was born in 1965 in Naples, Italy, where he still lives and works. He studied painting at the Art Institute in Naples. He is best known for his typical Mediterranean coast views and "terraces."

DENNIS DIVINCENZO One of the premier graphic designers in the USA, Dennis Divincenzo has many of the Fortune 500 Companies as his clients. He graduated with a BFA in Communications Design. In 1979, he was offered a position as a senior designer working for DDB Needham (which was then Doyle Dane and Bernbach) in their offices at Mobil Corporation. There, Dennis worked for Jerry Demoney, who was another Pratt Graduate. At Mobil, he worked on posters, brochures, trademarks, ads, and any type of printed material the department produced. After five years at Mobil, Dennis moved on to Ernst & Young, to be the manager of the design department for this large professional services firm. He is now their Supervisor of Graphic Design in the Creative Services Group. He has since won numerous design awards and his fine art has been in exhibitions in throughout New York.

Bev Doolittle, artistBEV DOOLITTLE Bev Doolittle's phenomenal success is a by-product of her desire to work hard at what she loves to do most "create art with meaning. "My love for nature, as well as man's relationship with it, is the driving force behind my artwork. Painting is a growth process. By giving each of my pursuits my best efforts, and by learning from my mistakes, doors have opened for me that I could not have anticipated." For Bev, one of those doors was with The Greenwich Workshop, who produced her first limited edition, Pintos, in 1979. It sold out at the publisher within weeks. "I am not a prolific painter," Bev said. "My art style prevents that. Reproducing my paintings in print was the perfect answer." Nearly all of Bev's prints have been sell-outs. Her books are extremely popular and include The Art of Bev Doolittle, which sold over half-million copies of its hardback edition. Her second book, New Magic, continued the story of her painting career. Next she released three children's books: The Forest Has Eyes, Reading the Wild and The Earth is My Mother. Her desire to try new mediums as well as her fascination with sculpture, led to her creation of five limited edition porcelain boxes, each featuring one of her most popular paintings. Newer works include four hand-pulled stone lithographs in editions of just 100 each. Bev's work reflects her love of horses, passion for the natural world and her affinity for the Native American's spiritual relationship to the land. Bev, Jay and their son Jayson live close to nature in the California high desert.

Daniel Dos Santos, artistDANIEL DOS SANTOS Daniel Dos Santos, born in 1978 demonstrates fine artistic abilities remarkable for an artist of any age. To see it in one so young is extremely rare. Already a highly respected young adult science fiction illustrator, Dos Santos works with Scholastic Books, Inc. and Tor Books. During his last year of high school, Dos Santos took a Careers In Art class. The class required an internship. Dos Santos was fortunate to land his internship with internationally recognized illustrator and landscape painter Steven Stroud. After graduation from the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 2000, Dos Santos and Stroud set up a studio in Shelton, Connecticut in a historic 100 year-old factory. Early in 2001, Dos Santos began to explore figurative painting that led to several portrait commissions. Dos Santos finds that the classic painting style of figurative painting is a welcome balance to his expressive science fiction illustrations. Daniel graduated from the School of Visual Art, NYC. He was a recipient of the Rhodes Family Award for special achievement in illustration in 2000, as well as the Starr Foundation Award for 2001. He work has been reproduced as posters for the School of Visual Arts and the Society of Illustrators. Daniel’s work is included in the permanent collection of General Electric.

Bob Doucette, artistBOB DOUCETTE Bob Doucette’s whimsical and highly saturated images come from the world of dreams. Sometimes bordering on psychedelic, his imagery is a product of a decade of theater work which included lots of puppet design and twenty three years in the world of animation. As a young boy he was denied the right to own dolls which propelled him to create his own. The repressed desire for dolls remains a driving force for his doll-like imagery. By tapping into his unconscious thoughts and the collective consciousness he is able to be personal and universal with his themes.

Bob earned a BFA at RISD and an MFA at CalARTS and studied both illustration and animation. His independently animated films won him many prestigious awards and honors and his MFA thesis film Pink Triangle is in the permanent collection at the New York Public Library. His Ben Franklin doll, created for the White House Christmas tree in 1999, is in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian. Many of his dolls are in the private collection of Demi Moore and have been featured in magazines articles, TV programs and sold in galleries. He was born in Waterville, Maine.

Tom duBois, artistTOM DUBOIS Tom Dubois is eternally young and magical with a gift of seeing through a child's eyes... transforming the realistic into the fantastic. The results are highly imaginative works of art unique to his creative genius. A true Renaissance man, Dubois has merged his love of art, poetry and music into an interesting and diverse career. His paintings for the Disney Discovery Collection and his series of Noah's Ark paintings have brought him international fame.

Emily Dubowski, artistEMILY DUBOWSKI Emily Dubowski was born and raised in Chicago. She began to fulfill her artistic promise early; at the age of ten she completed an oil painting of her mother, then entered and won a national painting contest. Emily attended the Washington University School of Fine Arts in St. Louis MO and the Chautauqua Scholar's Program in upstate New York. She married Don Dubowski, another artist. She continued painting while raising a family of three boys and even mixed colors for her husband, who was working for Hallmark at the time. Since that time, Emily's work has come to greater attention. Her paintings have been represented in many shows and exhibitions "” including some in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Sante Fe "” where they have won several "Best in Show " and "Juror's Choice" awards.

Michael Dudash, artistMICHAEL DUDASH Michael Dudash is recognized nationally for his paintings of dramatic realism bathed in a mixture of light and shadows, creating a romantic atmosphere. Although a very successful illustrator for many years, in 2002, Dudash began to focus on creating and selling his oil paintings, along with doing commissioned portraiture. Since that time, the artist has had several one-man shows and participated in several group shows. He has produced over 1,300 illustrations for books, magazines, art publishers, advertising agencies, design firms, film companies, and corporations. Throughout these years of his career, he won numerous awards and is listed in "Illustrators in America." Among Dudash's clients have been The Reader's Digest, the US Postal Service, Time/Life and Universal Pictures. His original paintings hang in many prominent private and corporate collections. As an accomplished artist, he has written and published articles for several art industry publications, conducted oil painting and illustration workshops and has been a guest lecturer at several colleges, universities, and industry organizations.

June Dudley, artistJUNE DUDLEY Dudley began painting at the early age of around eight. With no canvases to be had at the time, the budding artist used cardboard. Her earliest inspiration came from visits with an aunt who painted. As a student of the late, great Western landscape painter, Bob Wygant, Dudley so admires his style and considers him to be the major influence in her love of painting the Western way of life.

Dudley’s works are represented by various galleries in Texas, among them The Midland Gallery in Midland, the Fredericksburg Art Gallery in Fredericksburg, and the L Bar Gallery in Kerrville. The artist has exhibited at shows across the nation in Houston, at the Peppertree Show in California, the Mountain Oyster Show, the Best of the West in Arizona, and at the Governor’s Invitational for Cheyenne Frontier Days. Dudley’s work has been featured in various publications such as Art of the West and Country Lifestyle magazines, and several newspapers. Dudley’s image, "Boss Lady,” was the cover art for the 2007 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo School Art Program Awards Presentation booklet.

Dick Duerrstein, artistDICK DUERRSTEIN As a young child growing up in the San Fernando Valley north of Los Angeles, Dick Duerrstein was always drawing. After high school, he studied at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena while dreaming of someday working for the Walt Disney Studios and in 1976 he began his career at Disney as Creative Director for their Consumer Products Division. Duerrstein worked alongside many of the foremost animation artists of the 20th Century, including Ward Kimball, Marc Davis (and incidentally, with Chuck Jones at Warner Bros.). For the next 22 years, Dick used his talent to develop his unique style. His artwork has adorned everything from record album covers and clothing to fine collectible items such as cel portfolios, art glass and furniture. Some of his published works include a series of three children's books and a fine art serigraph series of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck. Duerrstein's work can be found in the Walt Disney Studio corporate offices at Burbank CA, The Library of Congress and St. Jude's Research Hospital in Memphis TN and private collections worldwide.

Dick Dugan, artistDICK DUGAN - 1926-2011 For decades, the artistic talent and the humor of Dick Dugan was a favorite of Cleveland Plain Dealer subscribers. His caricatures and cartoon, as well as his detailed portraits, found their subjects in the sports, entertainment and political scenes. His works are in the permanent collections of the Football and Baseball Halls of Fame, the Case-Western Reserve Athletic Hall of Fame and the Eisenhower Museum. On television, he is remembered as "Doodles Dugan."

Michael Dumas, artistMICHAEL DUMAS Michael Dumas was born in 1950 in Ontario. He is a member of The Society of Animal Artists and The Society of Wildlife Art of the Nations. He has been honored as one of the outstanding people of the 20th Century by the International Biographical Institute and also received a Twentieth Century Achievement Award from the American Biographical Institute, along with receiving numerous other awards for his artwork. He won the 2005, 2009, 2010 and 2011 Gallery One People's Choice Masterworks Awards.

Robert Duncan, artistROBERT DUNCAN Robert Duncan was born in Utah and began painting at eleven. He spent summers as a boy on his grandparents' ranch in Wyoming where his grandmother gave him his first set of oil paints. It was there that he grew to love the country, the open spaces, and the rural lifestyle. He studied at the University of Utah and worked as a commercial artist before his full-time dedication to the fine art of the American West. Robert was elected into the Cowboy Artists of America at a young age and won two silver medals in their annual exhibition at the Phoenix Art Museum.

Larry Dyke, artistLARRY DYKE Larry Dyke has devoted his life's work to the interpretation of the beauty he beholds in nature. His deep personal belief in Christianity is the driving force, which guides his life and work. In his paintings, Dyke captures not only the physical beauty of the great outdoors but also the spiritual sense of perfection he views as the handiwork of God's creation. Dyke's career has been an unqualified success. His art has hung in the White House and in the homes of such distinguished personalities as Steve Allen, Shirley Jones, Vincent Price and Billy Graham. His work has also hung in the Vatican. At the personal request of Pope John Paul II, Larry Dyke painted "Sharing the Faith," a tribute to the role of the Church in America.

Adele Earnshaw, artistADELE EARNSHAW Born in New Zealand, Adele Earnshaw lives in Arizona, amid many of the subjects she paints. "I consider myself a wildlife artist, although birds are seldom the focal point of my work. An idea for a painting comes when I see something that can be used to create strong composition. This is often the repetitive pattern of a plant or a man-made object like a quilt. It may be a pattern created simply by the soft interplay of sunlight and shadows. The wildlife in my work is sometimes inconspicuous, but still an essential part of the composition." As part of the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum's "Birds in Art" show, Earnshaw's paintings have toured Japan and Sweden and have been exhibited at New York's Natural History Museum.

MARK EBERHARD Mark Eberhard was born in 1949 and lives in Ohio. He received a bachelor's degree in design from the University of Cincinnati and a master's degree in design from Yale University. He began his professional career as a self-employed graphic designer and continues to operate that business today. He has participated in the Leigh Yawkey Woodson's Birds in Art exhibit and the Great American Artists Exhibition at the Cincinnati Museum Center. He was recently inducted into the Society of Animal Artists.

Harrison Ellenshaw, artistHARRISON ELLENSHAW As a visual effects designer and filmmaker, Harrison Ellenshaw's work can be seen in such films as Star Wars, Tron, The Empire Strikes Back, Captain Eo, Dick Tracy and others. He also enjoys a successful career as a fine artist with one-man shows of his paintings in London, New York and San Francisco. In their first creative collaboration since Disney's "The Black Hole" (1979), Harrison and his father Peter created "We Can Fly" "” the first in a series of collaborative works celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney's "Peter Pan."

Peter Ellenshaw, artistPETER ELLENSHAW Peter Ellenshaw received five Academy Award® nominations, winning the Oscar® for his stunning recreation of Edwardian London in the Walt Disney's classic, Mary Poppins. He sought to capture the drama and emotions of many different scenes. Today, his work is represented in both public and private collections worldwide. He received numerous honors and retrospectives including those by the American Film Institute, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Film Institute of Chicago, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the R.W. Norton Art Museum in Shreveport, LA. Born in Great Britain, Peter lived in California for many years. As a fine artist, his paintings and prints of powerful panoramic landscapes express both the magnitude and the delicacy of nature. He called his method of painting "impressionistic shorthand," referring to his use of broad brushstrokes to give the impression of detail. Peter died in 2007.

Nita Engle, artistNITA ENGLE Nita Engle, one of America's foremost watercolor artists, has painted landscapes from Alaska to her home on the shores of Lake Superior in northern Michigan. She exclusively paints outdoor scenes and paints nothing she has not experienced. She attended Northern Michigan and Roosevelt Universities and the Art Institute of Chicago. She was also a professionally trained commercial artist and illustrator, working nine years as art director for a national advertising firm. Nita feels that she trained herself, however, to paint in watercolors - simply by doing, experimenting and often by breaking the rules. Her years of experimentation have led her to mixing her own distinctive blend of colors and to finding unusual but useful tools, such as water filled spray bottles. She is an award-winning, long-time member of the American Watercolor Society. Millions of people have seen her artwork on the covers of such well known magazines as Reader's Digest. Nita's limited edition prints have been published by Mill Pond Press since 1981. Her art is the subject of the book, "How to Make a Watercolor Paint Itself." She can be seen in the video, "Wilderness Palette: Nita Engle in Michigan." Named an Art Master by American Artist magazine, Nita was also inducted into the Hall of Fame by U.S. Art magazine.

Loren Entz, artistLOREN ENTZ The fate of a nation is decided by thousands of little decisions made daily by its people; a daughter helping a mother with her chores, a kindness extended by a neighbor, a man tilling the earth. These, and more, are the subject matter for Loren Entz. "My roots are in the heartland of America," Entz said, and as the son of immigrant farmers from Germany and Russia who settled in Kansas, Entz proved it with his own decisions. The first hint that art would be Entz's life's work came with his attending Frederic Remington High School, situated on the ranch that famous artist once owned. There Entz was known as "the school artist." But it was a visit to the Nelson Art Center in Kansas City which he marks as "the shaper of my destiny." Ultimately, Entz studied different art mediums, including pencil, charcoal, oil and watercolor. His versatility and dedication led to his being chosen to join the Cowboy Artists of America in 1992 "” the first to be named to the ranks in four years. His images of have been awarded Gold and Silver honors from the Cowboy Artists of America as well as a Jurors Award from the Northwest Rendezvous Show.

MARY ERICKSON Raised in Connecticut, Mary Erickson studied at the University of Bridgeport and Sacred Heart University, and initially pursued a career in business. Her passion for painting, and a move to Florida in 1986, stirred the desire to pursue art as a career. Finally, she realized a long held dream, and in 1993, Mary began painting professionally. Preferring to work on location (en plein air) in the tradition of painters since the French Impressionists of the 1800's, Mary seeks new opportunities to capture moments in time and place on canvas.

Larry Fanning, artistLARRY FANNING Larry Fanning is a self-taught western and wildlife artist who was born and raised in Kansas. He initially pursued a career in commercial art and graphic design. Moving to Colorado, he was energized by the mountains and the changing seasons. With a natural understanding of anatomy and an instinct for color, Fanning can make a scene come alive.

Robert Farber, artistROBERT FARBER Robert Farber's global recognition has been established through his books, fine art exhibitions, lectures, TV interviews and award winning advertising campaigns. All in the genres of fashion, beauty, and life style.

Robert Farber’s style has influenced generations of photographers. His painterly, impressionistic style captures the essence of composition in every genre, including nudes, still life, landscapes and architecture. His ten photo art books have sold over half a million copies.

JAMES FAULKNER James Faulkner was born in 1945 and lives in Colorado. He has exhibited in Gallery One's MasterVisions and Masterworks in Miniature and Arts for the Parks, at which he received a silver medal. Other honors include best of shows at the National Wildlife Art Show and the Oklahoma Wildlife Art Festival. James' works are in the permanent collections of the Bradford Exchange and Coors, and his paintings have been featured in Wildlife Art News, USArt and Southwest Art.

PHIL FERGUSON Phil is an octogenarian whose interest in art lay dormant until his retirement years. He is a self-taught artist whose work is devoted to the celebration of personalities and events in the world of sports. His pastels have appeared in his native Ohio and throughout the country. He has done work for the Professional Bowlers Association. Many of his paintings hang in the PBA Hall of Fame.

Mario Fernandez, artistMARIO FERNANDEZ Mario Fernandez was born in Havana, Cuba on February 25, 1946 and was imprisoned - for political dissent- by the Castro regime at the age of sixteen. In 1965 Mario found new freedom in the United States of America and started to develop his successful career. Fernandez has published close to 200 limited editions of his paintings, sculptures and collectible works of art. Although his best know work is in realistic images of nature, Mario's mastery continues to experiment with other subjects and techniques. The realistic, surrealistic, and nature art forms developed by Fernandez have achieved international prominence.

Keith Ferris, artistKEITH FERRIS An artist's career can rest on the simplest of things. For Keith Ferris, it was an allergic condition which kept him from becoming a pilot for the Air Force. But Keith didn't let that stop him from making his love of aviation his life. Instead, he channeled his energy and enthusiasm into becoming an aviation lecturer, historian, model-builder, inventor and artist known for scrupulous accuracy of aircraft and events. It also didn't keep him from flying all over the world in almost every type of jet aircraft possible. The son of an Air Force office, Keith grew up on military bases in the U.S. and England. He majored in aeronautical engineering at Texas A&M University and enrolled in the Air Force ROTC. Since then, he has painted for almost every major defense contractor in America and completed a variety of commissions for the U.S. Government, both practical and creative. He holds the patents for five air combat camouflage paint schemes and painted two twenty-five by seventy-five-foot murals for the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. He is a life member of the Society of Illustrators and the Order of Daedalians, the national fraternity of military pilots. He is Honorary Air Force Art Chairman, past executive vice president of the Society of Illustrators and founder as well as past president of the American Society of Aviation Artists.

FRED FIELDS Fred Fields grew up in northern Kentucky. He began oil painting at nine. Soon after graduating from the Central Academy of Commercial Art in Cincinnati, he landed a job with Leo Burnett Advertising in Chicago as a storyboard artist. A handful of Sword and Sorcery magazine covers came his way and eventually turned into a full time job. After a decade as a fine artist, Fred now works days as a concept artist for a video game developer. When time permits, he rolls into the studio to paint. His work has appeared in Southwest Art, International Artist and on the covers of Rocky Mountain Rider, Beef and High Sonoran Style.

Robert Finale, artistROBERT FINALE Robert Finale uses his photographs, sketches and memories simply as the starting point, an inspiration on the journey to the creation of each masterpiece. He is no stranger to struggles and adversity. At the tender age of two, he along with his family fled the communist ruled country of Cuba for a life of freedom and opportunity in the United States. Here Robert learned the value of hard work and discipline and realized his potential to pursue his passion for art. This passion, Finale explains, began very early in life. As a young boy of five, Robert Finale was seldom without a pencil and sketchpad in hand, sketching everything from movie scenes to family vacation destinations. Robert's love for brushing oil onto canvas came much later, when his early childhood sketch were brought to life in a special gift to his wife. From humble beginnings, today his paintings grace several Galleries all over the world.

Kathy Fincher, artistKATHY FINCHER The captivating paintings of Kathy Fincher have found their way into the hearts and homes of families across America. Considered one of today's leading inspirational artists, Fincher's paintings of children, landscapes, still lifes and more can be found in lithographs, books, calendars, sculpture lines, greeting cards, inspirational giftware, journals, music boxes and other products. She combines a discipline of classical art training with the freedom of impressionism to create a unique pastel painting style of "romantic realism." She is frequently called a "feminine Rockwell" because of her ability to combine a soft painting style with storytelling.

SALLY CALDWELL FISHER Born in 1951 in Philadelphia, Sally Caldwell Fisher's mother was a gifted watercolorist who provided her children with good art supplies and a love of painting. Although she majored in English at the University of Michigan, her passion for literature and raw love of art led her to develop a narrative painting style. Much of it has reflected coastal New England life with an emphasis on the marine. Now, in midlife, she is returning more to landscape out of love for the beauty of the world around her. Sally's art has been featured in Yankee Magazine, American Artist and Décor. Her paintings are included in collections around the world, from the Smithsonian to Tokyo.

Stephen Fishwick, artistSTEPHEN FISHWICK Stephen turned his heart to art and took his first formal painting class at age ten. It was in high school that his art first earned him accolades. With the persistence of his high school art teacher, he enrolled at the Art Institute of Pittsburg. Less than a year later, he started working as a professional artist, drawing portraits, caricatures and illustrations.

In 1996, Stephen began expanding his artistic education by studying traditional drawing and painting under Jeff Watts at the Watts Atelier of the Arts in Southern California. Influenced by a wide range of renowned painters, from Norman Rockwell to Salvador Dali, John Singer Sargent to J.C. Leyendecker, Stephen has created a style all his own. "Every day I fall in love with drawing the human face and form," he says. "My sketchbooks are filled with drawings of life, from people to animals."

In a career that has spanned over two decades, Stephen has earned widespread acclaim, but two recent achievements make him most proud: First, his philanthropic endeavors that have raised over $1 million for different charities just since 2004. Second, Stephen is excited to become an official artist of Disney Fine Art, an honor that will allow him to paint Disney characters and bring his artwork to leagues of Disney fans around the world.

Lindsey Foggett, artistLINDSEY FOGGETT Lindsey Foggett's future seemed determined from a very early age. Growing up in a small village in the heart of the English countryside, she soon developed a love and fascination for wildlife and nature. Encouraged by two artistically-talented parents, her passion to paint and study wildlife evolved into a lifelong career. Self-taught, she paints primarily with acrylic, gouache and oil. She works in a natural, detailed style, striving to portray not only realism, but to capture the mood and personality of her subjects. North American predatory animals play an important role in many of her paintings. She confesses to a preoccupation with the predators as she finds them quite intriguing, partly because they are so elusive. Her work shows not only the powerful and intense nature of these animals, but also the gentle, nurturing and softer sides of their personality. To obtain reference for her work, she has traveled to Europe, East Africa and throughout much of North America, including extended canoe trips into the wilderness, where she observes and photographs wildlife to study their natural habitats. Recent trips include a 170 mile wilderness expedition on the George River, Quebec, Canada ending in the Arctic Ocean. Paintings from her canoe trips have been exhibited at the the Smithsonian Institution.

Flick Ford, artistFLICK FORD Flick Ford fell in love with fishing at age five. His father, an accomplished fly-fisherman and talented commercial artist/copywriter, instilled in him a deep respect for nature and nurtured his early creativity. Born in 1954 in Atlanta, Flick was raised in Westchester County NY. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, he fished the Adirondacks, New England, Long Island Sound, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia and the woodland lakes of Quebec, while pursuing two other loves: music (as lead singer in a garage rock band) and art. He took formal watercolor classes in the 1960s; figure drawing and graphic design classes from 1973 to 1976 and then studied art at Evergreen State College in Washington State. He moved to New York City in 1978 and dove into the audio/visual scene including indie film, video, underground publishing, cartooning, illustration as well as reconnecting with music. He performed in the East Village with several bands, and wrote and sang lead in The Crazy Pages for almost twenty years. He left New York in 1993, heading for the Hudson Highlands where he quickly became obsessed with fishing the NYC watershed. As he branched out to many of the brook trout places where he had previously fished in parts of the Adirondacks and Vermont, the effects of over twenty years of pollution, over-development and acid rain became painfully apparent. "I felt I should start to keep a record of the fish I caught and decided to do it in watercolor paintings. I just want to catch and paint these fish, and show how they appear to me in all their iridescent beauty." Today Ford fishes more than 100 days a year and ties his own flies. After landing a fish, he quickly gets a digital photo before the colors fade, carefully measures it in all dimensions, sketches details, counts scales, fin rays and finally traces it to get its actual outline. He has developed a technique of successive washes utilizing masking friskets and painstakingly detailed dry brush that make these fish truly come to life on paper.

GAYLENE FORTNER Gaylene Fortner resides in Montana and is a member of Women Artists of the West, Cider Painters of America, the Georgia and Florida Miniature Art Societies and is a signature member of the Montana Watercolor Society. Both USArt and Western Horseman have featured her artwork. She earned best of show honors at both the Gateway to the Rockies Show and the St. Peter's Foundation at the Capitol.

MARIE LINE FOURMONT Born to a farming family in the 1960s in France, Marie Line Fourmont "always" painted. Over the years, she continued to deepen and perfect her technique. As a mother of three and a farmer in dairy production with her husband, painting was once just an occasional pastime. But within the last 15 years, with her children grown, she can paint and garden daily. Her passion for flowers (roses in particular) cannot be separated from her art as one inspires the other, and she can constantly celebrate the beauty of nature.

Charles Frace, artistCHARLES FRACE Charles Fracé was born in 1926 in eastern Pennsylvania. He began drawing at five and taught himself to paint when he was fifteen. His self-instructed talent earned him a scholarship to Philadelphia's Museum School of Art, where he graduated with honors. In 1955, he began a professional career as a freelance illustrator in New York City. Eventually, he became one of the nation's most sought-after illustrators of wildlife. However, Fracé soon grew frustrated by the restrictions of illustrating ideas conceived by others and longed to paint some of his own. In 1973, with the issue of Fracé's first limited edition print, he finally made the permanent change to fine art. Fracé and his art have been the subject of two books. Perhaps the greatest honor of his career came in October 1992, when he was recognized with a one-man exhibit of thirty-six of his paintings at the National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution. Fracé died in 2005 after a long illness.

Luke Frazier, artistLUKE FRAZIER Luke Frazier grew up hunting and fishing in the mountains of northern Utah. These early forays into nature instilled a kinship with the wildlife and a passion for the outdoors. As a child he spent hours scribbling, sketching and sculpting wildlife. Later, his formal art training occurred at Utah State University, where he earned a BFA in painting and an MFA in illustration. Every year, he travels through Alaska, Canada and the American West painting and photographing animals in their environment. His love of fly fishing and hunting is apparent in his work. Frazier's work has been included in the book Leading the West, which profiles 100 of the best living painters and sculptors working today. In 2007, Frazier was included in the new book The Fine Art of Angling, and his work "The Tillamook Creel" adorned the cover. Earlier in 2007, he was the featured artist at the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival. He has been profiled in Art of the West, Wildlife Art, Big Sky Journal and Southwest Art. His paintings frequently appear in Field & Stream, Gray's Sporting Journal, Sporting Classics and Alaska. Among the museums where Frazier's paintings have been exhibited are the National Museum of Wildlife Art, the Museum of the American West, the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, the Phoenix Art Museum, the C.M. Russell Museum, and the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, among others. He received the Founders Favorite Award at the Art for the Parks competition in 2002 and the Wildlife Art Award in 1994, 1996, and 1997, and has been recognized on the National Parks stamp.

Rod Frederick, artistROD FREDERICK The serene outdoors seem at odds with the wild and crazy character of Rod Frederick, who is as famous for his paintings as he is for his sense of humor and gaudy shirts! If seen on his constant excursions into the wilds, many a collector would tell of an eccentric pirate come to life, only this swashbuckling, seemingly fearless explorer was more anxious to gain and share the treasure of knowledge rather than riches. "I grew up in a house full of pets," he says. "My mom had a degree in fine arts and although my dad was a lawyer, he was a weekend painter." So his love of animals and art was sown early and especially inspired by a gift of Roger Tory Peterson's Field Guide to the Birds. Rod attended Willamette University with a major in art and a minor in biology. "So I could know my subjects outside and in." He put that education to good use as he embarked on a fine art career that would allow him to do what he enjoyed most; explore and learn. He knows the lakes and mountains as well as he knows the plains and deserts, not to mention almost all the creatures who live there, from the smallest bird to the largest elephant. And he will paint them on whatever size canvas suits them best.

KATHLEEN CHANEY FRITZ Kathleen Chaney Fritz paints a portrait of the midwest. From the dunes and beaches of West Michigan to the cliffs of Door County WI, Chaney Fritz captures the essential spirit of the Great Lake States. A graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design, Chaney Fritz worked for many years as a freelance illustrator, honing skills in drawing. In 1986, following the overwhelming success of her first poster "” a commemorative watercolor for the prestigious Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair, "” Chaney Fritz began to focus on her career in fine art.

Jody Fulks Sjogren, artistJODY FULKS SJOGREN Artist Jody Fulks Sjogren grew up in a family of aviators and, encouraged by her father, had her private pilot's license by the time she was 20. She earned her BS in zoology and her MS in Medical Illustration. With a number of interests and talents, her interest in aviation prevailed and led her to develop a genre of art, uniquely her own, depicting innovative transformations between winged creatures and aircraft. The resulting images led to Jody becoming one of the most collected artists in North America.

Diana Weber Gardner, artistDIANA WEBER GARDNER After 20 years of leading marketing communications departments for corporate America, Diana has returned to Mentor to use her creative talents to produce prints for Gallery One's sister company, Gallery Giclées. Along the way, she has maintained her extraordinary fine art skills.

Inessa and Michael Garmash, artistsINESSA AND MICHAEL GARMASH It happened in Lugansk, Ukraine in 1969. An early starter, Michael Garmash began painting at age three. By six, he started his formal education at the Lugansk Youth Creative Center. Recognizing rare, natural talent, his teachers sent his works to a variety of exhibitions in the then Soviet Union. An award-winning artist from the onset, Michael received first prizes at several juried exhibitions, including the Lugansk Regional Juried Exhibition (1977), the Czechoslovakian International Youth Competition (1978) and the Hungarian International Art Competition of Circus Related Art (1978). After graduating valedictorian from the Lugansk State Fine Art College in 1987, he began teaching there. From 1989 to 1991, he served in the army (when he met his wife and partner, Inessa) and in 1992 began studying at the St. Petersburg Academy of Art. Prior to graduating at the top of his prestigious school's class, he exhibited in several prestigious French galleries. He later took part in annual exhibitions in St. Petersburg. In addition to painting, he excelled in the creation of stained-glass windows and received an honorary medal for his work in the Suvorov Military Museum in St. Petersburg.

Mrs. Garmash, born Inessa Kitaichik in 1972 Lipetsk, Russia, had excelled in the arts since early childhood. Proving herself in ballet, gymnastics and music, she attended classes in all three disciplines and, after graduating from music and ballet school, entered the Lugansk Fine Art School at age fifteen. At seventeen she was accepted as that year's best undergraduate to the Lugansk State Fine Art School. After marriage to Michael, her interest in painting intensified and now Inessa and Michael are considered two of the finest Romantic Impressionists of our day.

They paint in tandem, working on the same paintings to create timeless, romantic images.

Corbert Gauthier, artistCORBERT GAUTHIER An illustrator since his graduation from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Corbert Gauthier has received numerous awards from the Society of Illustrators, Print Regional Design Annual and Communication Arts Illustration Annual. During his career he has worked for a wide variety of corporate, advertising and publishing clients. Corbert considers himself very fortunate to be able to make a living doing what he loves. He states that, “Digital technology is a wonderful thing but it has come at a great cost to traditional illustration. I hope we never lose an appreciation for hand-done drawing and painting.”

Ragan Gennusa, artistRAGAN GENNUSA Ragan Gennusa grew up in East Texas enjoying the outdoors and sports, but he was drawn to art and could always be found using his pencils and brushes when he had an opportunity. He took art classes in high school, along with being an All-State quarterback, and accepted a football scholarship to the University of Texas where he played wide receiver and majored in art. He credits his training as an athlete with teaching him to value courage, tenacity, and the importance of character in pursuit of life as well as an artistic career. After college, Gennusa worked as an artist for an Austin printing company, then as a staff artist for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. His talent was quickly recognized, and he was eventually promoted to art department supervisor. Although he enjoyed his job at the department, the day-to-day administrative work took its toll, and he left to paint exclusively for an Austin art gallery. This decision was a turning point in Gennusa's career. Gallery work allowed Gennusa to develop his art. During this time, he became involved with the Gulf Coast Conservation Association, Ducks Unlimited, and other similar groups. The artist now has a thriving career painting the great outdoors and its endless sporting images; his many commissions to paint animals or the Western landscape are sought by people throughout the United States. He is especially well known for his longhorn paintings, some of which have been special commissions for the University of Texas, and his horse images. Wild turkeys are also one of his favorite subjects. He was selected Texas State Artist, and he recently received the Texas Star Preservation Award from the Gillespie County Historical Society.

JOANN GEORGE JoAnn George is primarily a wildlife artist, though she also does some landscapes and embossing. She lives in a small Alaskan Native village close to Juneau, drawing her inspiration from her Tlingit family and Angoon's natural surroundings "” a land of intense and powerful beauty. Born and raised in New Hampshire, she earned a degree in earth science before moving to Angoon to teach school. In this remote village, she met and married Gabriel George, a fish biologist and sport fishing guide. She was introduced into Tlingit culture through her marriage and subsequent life in Angoon, interpreting this knowledge through her artwork. Her original colored-ink drawings, paintings, collages, etchings and reproductions depict the richness of Tlingit life and legend, as well as views of southeast Alaska and its abundant wildlife. As a professional artist, JoAnn has received recognition and awards, including an award for excellence from the National Parks and Monuments Association for illustrations in "Carved History."

Gretta Gibney, artistGRETTA GIBNEY Gretta Gibney was born in Dublin, Ireland and raised in Vancouver, B.C. She completed formal studies in Fine Art at the University of Concordia, Montreal (BFA) and at the University of Barcelona, Spain (MFA). She has studied Fresco painting at the University of Lleida, Spain and painting at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design. In 1997 Gretta worked independently as a copyist at the Prado in Madrid, Spain; the Louvre in Paris, France; and the British Museum in London England. Gretta has been influenced by a myriad of diverse sources ranging from the preeminent paintings of the Old Masters’ to the slick and seductive nature of print advertising and mass media publications. She has completed numerous commissions for clients throughout North America and Europe. Her work has been exhibited in Canada and Europe and can be found in private collections in Canada, the United States, Sweden, Spain, England, Ireland and France.

R. Tom Gilleon, artistR. TOM GILLEON “Looking back, I was probably most influenced by the old era art directors and illustrators who had the amazing ability to quickly and simply tell a story or convey a feeling with their artwork. I believe that this simplicity and strength is the key to fine art. Light, color, value, composition and line are paramount in importance.”

Gilleon was born in 1942 and raised in Florida by his grandparents in the tiny outpost of Starke, near Jacksonville and the storied banks of the Suwannee River. His grandfather had immigrated to the United States from Scotland and became a renowned cabinetmaker. His grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee.

Gilleon earned a scholarship to play baseball at the University of Florida where he took courses in architecture. He served in the Navy in the early 1960s and then worked as an illustrator for NASA’s Apollo space program. Eventually, he went solo as a freelance illustrator based in Orlando and was hired by The Walt Disney Corporation to deliver conceptual sketches and designs for its Disney World theme park. Later, he moved to California to work at Disney’s Imagineering studio which designed Epcot Center and then Gilleon assisted in the planning of Disneyland Tokyo, Disneyland Hong Kong and Disneyland Paris.

ROBERT GIORDANO Robert Giordano was born in 1963 and resides near the water in New York. Trained at the School of Visual Arts in New York, he began his career at the age of 19 as a packaging and product illustrator for Avon and Kimberly-Clark. An avid fly-fisherman, he is inspired by the waters of Long Island Sound. He has participated in exhibits up and down the east coast, including The Spectrum of Fine Art in New York, the Annual Fall Festival in Connecticut and the Charleston Maritime Festival in South Carolina. His work has been displayed at Vermont's American Museum of Fly Fishing.

MICHELLE GLADISH Michelle M. Gladish was born in 1943 and lives in Indiana. She attended the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work has been featured in Southwest Art, Art of the West, Equine Images and on covers of Anvil Magazine. Portraits have always been one of her favorites and she works from photographs to do commissions for Gallery One clients. She is a signature member of Women Artists of the West and a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Nancy Glazier,artistNANCY GLAZIER Nancy Glazier is an extraordinary artist whose paintings seem "alive." It was after seeing a dramatic photograph of a grizzly that she was awakened to a desire to paint animals "close up and hair-by-hair." The artist has taken hands-on anatomy classes that enable her to paint amazingly accurate portraits of animals from bone structure to muscles to hair. Her prints are published and distributed world-wide by Somerset House.

Michael Godard,artistMICHAEL GODARD Begin with a dramatic black background. Take one part animated olives. Gently swirl with a jigger of sudsy strawberries. Garnish with tipsy grapes. Add a liberal splash of humor.

It’s the recipe for a unique and sought-after collection of vibrant and light-hearted artwork by Michael Godard, known as the “Rock Star of the Art World.” Celebrities, musicians and average people make up his legion of collectors. The waiting list for his original paintings is long and growing.

Godard was born in Southern California and attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He studied fine art at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, choosing to “learn all the rules and then break them,” adding, “I don’t mind criticism from the art world or the public. Without it, I know I’m playing way too safe.”

Godard has dedicated himself to philanthropic causes, working closely with St. Jude’s, Make-a-Wish and other such organizations. Having lost his young daughter, Paige, to cancer, he says, “The funds I help raise save lives, and at the end of the day, it’s the most important thing I do...The world is small - you can truly make an impact on everyone you meet.”

The art and singular humor of Michael Godard are the subject of two books, Don’t Drink and Draw (Foreword by Ozzy Osbourne) and You’re in My World Now.

Gallery One is pleased to be your source for Godard’s works.

WILHELM GOEBEL Wilhelm Goebel was born in 1960 in New Jersey. A graduate of Ithaca College, he received a biology degree. His paintings have been featured in many publications including Outdoor Life, National Wildlife, Birdwatcher's Digest and Wildlife Art News. He has been named a Ducks Unlimited International Artist of the Year. With ornithology as a primary interest, birds were his first subjects. Thus he is especially pleased to have been admitted to the prestigious Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Shows - year after year.

Rob Gonsalves, artistROB GONSALVES Rob Gonsalves was born in Toronto in 1959. His awareness of architecture grew as he learned perspective techniques and began to paint imagined buildings. Later, the "Magic Realism" approach of Magritte along with the precise perspective illusions of M. C. Escher influenced his work.

Although Gonsalves' work is often categorized as surrealistic, it differs because his images are deliberately planned and result from conscious thought. Ideas are generated by the external world and involve recognizable human activities, using carefully planned illusionist devices. He injects a sense of magic into realistic scenes, representing the human desire to believe in the impossible.

Numerous individuals around the world as well as corporations, embassies and a United States Senator collect his original works and limited edition prints. In June 2003, Simon and Schuster introduced North America and Canada to "Imagine a Night," Gonsalves' first hardcover book featuring sixteen paintings.

Rodel Gonzalez, artistRODEL GONZALEZ His story starts at the age of nine with an initiation into the art business through the tutelage of his father, Rick Gonzalez and grandfather, Felix Gonzalez.

“Growing up, my father would always tell me to not be intimidated by the paint and be 100% sure about my intentions on my first stroke at the canvas,” says Rodel. His explorations of color, form, and composition ignited a lifelong passion for the arts in its many forms. He studied at the University of Santo Tomas, with a major in painting and went on to earn a degree in Interior Design from the Philippines School of Interior Design. This early training required perseverance in acquiring the skills and discipline that would prove to serve him well in future endeavors on his path to artistic freedom.

When asked about his latest works for the Disney Fine Art portfolio, Rodel has said, “Having the opportunity to create Disney paintings is such a treat because Disney was definitely part of my childhood. I remember watching my first Disney films Bambi and Snow White, and ever since, I’ve been mesmerized by the succeeding Disney movies I’ve seen. I believe a painting is a mirror of the painter’s understanding of an insight he has. The Disney paintings each involved such a strong concept that every brushstroke was a joyful anticipation of the finished product. The energy was very strong, therefore my intentions were sure and refined. I would say that there was a lot of grace present on every painting.”

Enjoy Gonzalez works as presented by Gallery One.

L. Gordon, artistL. GORDON Lew Gordon has been painting for over forty years. During military service in Germany, Lew fell in love with Europe. Since then, he has traveled extensively throughout the continent and has spent several years living there as well. His studies in Europe acquainted him with the work of such artists as Manet, Monet and Pissarro, all of whom influenced his art. He spent many years illustrating books and travel brochures before focusing exclusively on being a fine artist.

Diane Graebner, artistDIANE GRAEBNER Diane Graebner portrays the true beauty of the Amish. With a few brush strokes, she captures the true meaning of their lifestyle. Diane was born in Springfield OH in 1940 and grew up in Rocky River. She graduated from Kent State University with a bachelors degree in health and physical education and a minor in art and science. After extensive travel throughout Europe, she returned home to marry her high school sweetheart. They spent two years in Alaska while he was in the Army. She now lives in southern Utah. Diane's images are available as limited editions and cross stitch.

David Grant, artistDAVID GRANT David Grant is an accomplished illustrator and sculptor. A graduate of Paier College of Art, Grant has developed a following in the modeling community as a sculptor. His Fantasy and Western Action sculpts are turned into kits collected and built by hobbyists nationwide. Dave is also the Production Manager at The Greenwich Workshop and an important member of our Fine Art Editions’ team. His illustrations have been essential complements to Greenwich Workshop projects throughout the years. As a lifetime resident of New England, Grant is familiar with iconic stature of the farm in rural communities and the New England penchant for folk art that emanates from it.

DONALD GRANT The talent of British artist Donald Grant was apparent from an early age. He sold his first painting when he was nine years old to his family doctor. While still a schoolboy, Grant also painted a large mural in a public building. He won a national drawing and design competition in the same year. Grant followed a varied career, beginning with the discipline of a long apprenticeship as a ship-building draftsman and continuing with Army service in Africa. He also worked as a technical illustrator, a graphic designer and a freelance advertising artist. His masterful interpretation of wildlife subjects made him an artist of stature respected worldwide. His paintings have been internationally exhibited and collected since 1970. His technical perfection and ability to capture the look and feel of the African wilderness and the wildlife it supports were capabilities that could only be acquired through a love of Africa, best described by his own words: "Here in this magnificent setting, which we should all do our utmost to protect, the finely balanced day-to-day drama of survival unfolds." Grant's original paintings and limited edition prints, first published by Mill Pond Press in 1988, are infused with dramatic light and charged with atmosphere. His subjects, with poses so characteristic of the species they represent, reveal the hand of a masterful artist. Donald died in 2001.

Bruce Greene, artistBRUCE GREENE Bruce Greene is a western painter who has ridden trails and experienced the cowboy life he portrays in the very narrative images he creates. The artist is a native Texan who has reached the pinnacle of his profession through hard work and an extraordinary talent for painting the story of one of our country's most revered icons, the American cowboy. One of Greene's recent projects was creating a painting for the Texas Rangers Association Foundation commemorating and honoring the history and high standards of the Texas Rangers. The painting, titled "The Ranger Code," was purchased by members of the Foundation's board and is in the permanent collection of outstanding Ranger art at the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco.
Greene was elected to membership in the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America in 1993 and served as its president in 2003.

Martin Grelle, artistMARTIN GRELLE Whether painting Native Americans in dramatic, picturesque settings or the working cowboys peacefully on the range, Martin Grelle captures the spirit, beauty and vastness of the West in his historically-accurate, compelling images. Grelle is proud of his Native American ancestry and studies diligently to portray their culture accurately and sensitively. The artist also has an intimate knowledge of the cowboy's way of life. Each year he enjoys the Cowboy Artists of America's (CAA) trail ride and spends time occasionally working cattle with local friends. Grelle has the incredible ability to take the most mundane, daily tasks of his subjects and elevate them to a new level in each painting. Grelle was born in central Texas. The artist's talents were evident as a child and he began painting at an early age. Luckily for the budding painter, acclaimed western artists James Boren and Melvin Warren had settled in the same area while he was in school. With such excellent guidance from these masters, a full-time artist was born in his early twenties. Grelle was elected to the Cowboy Artists of America in 1995, and he is one of their youngest, active members. He won the CAA People's Choice Award in 2002 with his painting, Monarchs of the North. Also in 2002, Grelle's painting, Teller of Tales, received the top award at the Prix de West Invitational at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. In 2004 at the annual Prix de West Invitational, his painting, Signs Along the Snake, won the Nona Jean Hulsey Ramsey Buyer's Choice Award for the Most Popular Work of Art and was chosen for inclusion in the museum's permanent collection. The year 2005 also brought more acclaim with Two Coups capturing the Prix de West Purchase Award. In early 2007, his painting, Paradise Lost, was chosen to appear in the silent bid portion of the Masters of the American West at the Autry National Center. The artist has been profiled in many publications and his work has been featured on the covers of several magazines including Southwest Art, American Cowboy, Art of the West, Western Horseman, The Equine Image and Persimmon Hill.

CRAIG GRIFFIN Craig Griffin was born into a military family in 1951. He received his BFA in graphic design and illustration from Kent State University. In 1991, he attended Robert Bateman's Master Class Workshop. His first horse painting, "Spring Light," won two awards "” the Founder's Award and the Popular Vote Award, at the 14th annual juried show of the American Academy of Equine Artists.

Robert Griffing, artistROBERT GRIFFING Robert Griffing grew up in Pennsylvania, where he roamed the fields and beaches around Pymatuning Lake collecting stone artifacts. After graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and a thirty yearadvertising career, he returned to the subject of his early fascination, the Eastern Woodland Indian of the 18th Century. Griffing's art, prints and posters focus on a time that marked the beginning years of chaos and uncertainty for the Woodland tribes as they struggled to survive the encroachment of Europeans. In 1993, U.S. ART Magazine listed Griffing as an artist to watch. In '94 that same magazine listed him as one of the Top 25 selling artists of that year. The November 1995 issue of U.S. ART featured an article on Eastern Woodland Indians, and chose Griffing's "Logan's Revenge" for its cover.

James Gurney, artistJAMES GURNEY James Gurney is the best-selling author and illustrator of the Dinotopia book series and creator of more than seventy illustrated book covers. He has worked on assignment as a National Geographic artist and has illustrated seventeen United States postage stamps. An accomplished, award-winning artist, Gurney is the recipient of many prestigious honors, including seven Chesley Awards from the Association of Fantasy Artists, two Hugo Awards from the World Science Fiction Convention and Best of Show from the Art Director's Club. Gurney's art currently appears in museum exhibitions around the world. Gurney lives in the Hudson River Valley of New York with his wife, two sons, and a blue parakeet "” a living descendant of dinosaurs.

Scott Gustafson, artistSCOTT GUSTAFSON Scott Gustafson first wanted to be an animator. Thus he majored in animation at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. After leaving art school, he became a freelance illustrator, working with Celestial Seasonings, Playboy, Saturday Evening Post, The Bradford Exchange, Dreamworks and The Greenwich Workshop. His illustrated books include The Night Before Christmas, Peter Pan, Nutcracker, Animal Orchestra, Alphabet Soup and Classic Fairy Tales. His honors include a Chesley Award for best interior book illustrations from the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists.

GRANT HACKING Grant Hacking was born in 1964 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Currently a resident of New Hampshire, he has participated in the Easton Waterfowl Festival, the Collector's Society Show, the Pacific Rim Wildlife Show; and most recently, Birds in Art at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum. He earned best of show and VIP choice awards from the Southeastern Wildlife Art Exposition. His works vary from detailed wildlife compositions to painterly landscapes executed "en plein air."

JESS HAGER Jess Hager lives in Pennsylvania where he was commissioned to commemorate many of the historical buildings in and around Pittsburgh, such as the DuQuesne Club and Waynesburg College. Hager's watercolor paintings of nostalgic subjects have been published as limited editions prints by Mill Pond Press since 1996.

Danny Hahlbohm, artistDANNY HAHLBOHM Danny Hohlbohm was born in Mineola, New York in June of 1949. Honorably discharged from the armed forces in 1972, Danny began painting for galleries and auction houses across the nation. While on tour in 1978, a large publishing company began distributing his work.

Danny's work has been hung in some of the most prestigious galleries across the nation including New Bedfor Whaling Museum, Swanson Gallery in San Francisco, Corner Stone Gallery in Dublin, Ireland, Ship Shore Galleries in Kapan, Hawaii, Americana Gallery in Carmel, CA and 5th Ave. Studio Gallery in Mount Dora, Florida.

BARBARA HAILS Barbara Hails has won many awards, including representation among Who's Who in American Art. She was named Outstanding Artist of the Year by the National League of American Pen Women and has received many citations from the Pastel Society of America, the Salmagundi Club and the Kansas Pastel Society. Her works have been exhibited at The Butler Institute of American Art, the Societe Des Pastellistes de France at Palais Rameau in Paris, and at Gallery One's MasterVisions and MasterWorks in Miniature exhibitions.

ALAN HALE Dr. Alan Hale was born in Japan but grew up in Alamogordo NM. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, with a BA in Physics. After a stint in the Navy, he worked as an engineering contractor for the Deep Space Network at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA, and was involved in the Voyager 2 encounter with Uranus. After earning his Ph.D. in Astronomy at New Mexico State University, he founded and became Director of the Southwest Institute for Space Research, an independent research organization which strives to enhance the scientific literacy of the general public by providing opportunities to participate directly in research programs and other educational opportunities. His professional interests include the study of stars and the search for other solar systems. Having observed more than 200 comets over the past 25 years, he was co-discoverer of the Hale-Bopp Comet in July, 1995. Dr. Hale has published his research, and he is the author of numerous scientific articles for the general public as well as the book, Everybody's Comet: A Layman's Guide to the Comet Hale-Bopp.

Doug Hall, artist DOUG HALL Doug Hall’s paintings reflect his admiration and respect for the culture of early Eastern Woodland Native Americans. Most influential in his development has been mentor Bob Tommey, a master of color who resides in Carthage, Missouri. Hall grew up painting in Neosho, Missouri and now lives in McDonald County surrounded by Huckleberry State Forest. He is an avid black powder shooter and horseback rider. Past recognition includes the George Phippen Memorial Fine Art Award, Prescott, Arizona, 2002; First place in oils, Sedona, Arizona, 2003; Artists' Choice and the H.E. Williams Award, Midwest Gathering of the Artists, 2004; and Best of Show, Stillwater, Oklahoma, 2005.

Terry Cooke Hall, artist TERRY COOKE HALL Trips throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California in the family station wagon were a big part of Terry’s childhood, forming strong memories of the Southwest in the 50s and 60s. During the mid-seventies, a passion for art led Terry to numerous classes, workshops, and university extension courses in figure drawing, graphic design and illustration, including studies of the works of the Golden Age Illustrators, a heavy influence on her current style. In 1978, Terry put her training into use by illustrating for land development firms in Southern California. After 15 years of the left-brain world of architects and engineers, Terry left her job and co- founded a commercial art business in murals and faux-finishing for contractors, developers, and private residences in Rancho Santa Fe, La Jolla, and Rancho Bernardo in San Diego County. Since 2006, Terry has focused exclusively on the development of a fine art career that has strong roots in Golden Age Illustration and California Impressionism. Although she has studied under several nationally-known artists, she attributes most of her influence to Robert Moore and Michael Steirnagle, both of whom taught the foundational principles of fine art, along with the light and color of Impressionism.

George Hallmark, artistGEORGE HALLMARK Born and raised in north-central Texas, George Hallmark was an architectural designer and commercial artist before turning to easel painting. Voted the official Texas State Artist, his works hang in many prestigious private and corporate collections, including those of Texas Instruments, the Medical Heritage Collection, the Texas Capitol, MBNA and the Capitol in Washington D.C. He is an honorary lifetime member of the New Mexico Military Institute Alumni Association. His works have been featured in Art of the West, Southwest Art and U.S. Art magazines. He is an annual participant in the Prix de West Exhibition and Sale at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City and the Masters of the American West Fine Art Exhibition and Sale at the Autry National Center in Los Angeles.

BRIAN HALSEY Brian Halsey was born in Kendallville IN in 1942. He studied art at Wheaton College in Illinois where he graduated magna cum laude, Chicago Art Institute and Michigan State University where he also graduated magna cum laude. He holds a masters degree in Church History and the Creative Arts. In 1969 was awarded a United States Steel Fellowship scholarship to study at Florida State University from where he graduated in 1972 with a Ph.D. in Humanities. Additional study included research and studio art study in London, Paris, Holland, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Halsey taught art at Spring Arbor College before devoting his career full time to painting and printmaking. He is the recipient of awards and distinctions including recognitions from the Society of American Graphics Artists, the National Academy of Design, Pratt Graphic Center International Print Exhibition, Los Angeles Printmaking Society, Print Club Galleries in Philadelphia and the Metropolitan Museum and Art Center in New York.

ALLAN HANCOCK Born in Ontario in 1968, W. Allan Hancock has had a fascination with the natural world since childhood. His artwork has been selected for numerous fund-raising projects for conservation purposes. In 1996, at the age of 28, Allan became the youngest artist ever selected as Ducks Unlimited Canada's Artist of the Year and was honored with the Waterfowl Art Award for his painting "Baldpate Gathering - American Wigeon." His awards are numerous and include many honors from DU Canada.

Steve Hanks, artistSTEVE HANKS Although teachers often cited his artistic ability, Steve Hanks' main interest while growing up in California was sports. As a teen, Steve pursued surfing and tennis with passion. Although it was apparent early on that he had talent, he refused to do the required assignments in his high school art class and earned a grade of "C." "To prove I was good, I did a one-man show at the high school and sold my first painting to another art teacher," he said. After high school, Steve enrolled in summer session commercial art courses at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. He did well in his commercial art classes, but it was life drawing that captured his interest. He focused his energy on the study of anatomy and figure drawing and transferred into the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, graduating with his BFA. Initially, he drew in pencil and painted in oils. His paintings were impressionistic while his drawings were more realistic. Eventually, an allergic reaction to oils forced him to experiment with watercolors. Using the techniques he learned from other mediums, he found he could create watercolors as "finished" as oils. Steve's paintings are much more than endearing images of women and children. Rather than conveying a specific message through his paintings, he prefers to explore memories and emotions. His highly-collected nudes convey an introspective solitude that prompts the viewer to think about his or her own life and path. Art jurors began recognizing the quality of his work in 1973. His credits include honors from Arts for the Parks, the National Watercolor Society, the National Academy of Western Art, U.S. Art Magazine, the Pacific Rim Exposition and the Gilcrease Museum.

Jim Hansel, artistJIM HANSEL At a young age, Hansel demonstrated his artistic ability; throughout his life, he never swayed from his dream of becoming an artist. At the age of twelve, he was diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition, which has left him legally blind. Mastering his visual limitations, he has learned to create beautifully-detailed images with magnification and low-vision aids. Working only one or two inches away from the canvas, Hansel painstakingly paints in the details of a work, while forming in his mind a clear picture of the finished painting. Hansel also relies on his camera to capture his ideas and bring them into focus. He uses photographs to bring the landscapes and the wildlife models back to his studio. At this stage of starting a painting, he enlarges the photographs, if necessary, to see them more clearly. Amazingly, the artist then gazes through his glasses and commences his first brush strokes as his painting comes to life a few square inches at a time. Hansel’s visual challenges require him to spend more time on a painting adding his details than many artists….sometimes working four months on a single canvas.

Ray Hare, artistRAY HARE Native Californian Ray Hare has expressed himself through art at an early age. In high school he won numerous state and national competitions. He received a full scholarship to California College of Arts and Crafts where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with High Distinction. Ray then went to San Francisco State University to receive his Masters of Fine Art. His art has been shown in numerous museums including San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, DeYoung Museum, Oakland Museum, Crocker Kingsley Art Museum and the Los Angeles Art Institute. Many prominent corporations and institutions have added his work to their collections.

JULIA HARGREAVES Two-time Canadian Ducks Unlimited National Art Portfolio winner, British Columbia artist Julia Hargreaves trained in England and graduated with a masters degree in art from Manchester Metropolitan University. Her art has been published internationally and in 2008 Julia illustrated "Birdscapes - a Pop-Up Celebration of Bird Song." Her painting of a Great Horned Owl was selected for the first Artists for Conservation Exhibition at the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum in New York 2008. Julia was chosen out of thousands of artists worldwide to appear in the International Artist publication "How Did You Paint That? "100 Ways to Paint Still Life and Florals, 2004."

RAY HARM Ray Harm is an American artist, best known for his paintings of wildlife, primarily birds. He is also well known for art marketing, generally credited as the co-creator of the limited edition art print market, which supplanted the traditional method where artists sold original works on an individual basis. Harm was born in the mid-1920s in West Virginia. His father was a concert violinist who also was a woodsman and herbalist. Harm left the state in his mid-teens to become a cowboy in the American West, eventually competing on the rodeo circuit and also training horses for the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. He served in the United States Navy during World War II, which allowed him to take advantage of the GI Bill for continuing education. Harm used the opportunity to enroll in art school, and afterwards became a painter. While selling paintings one by one as was the custom in the 1950s, Harm worked in construction and horse training to make ends meet. In 1961, Harm's work attracted the attention of Wood Hannah, a businessman and art collector from Louisville KY. The two men came up with the idea of making high-quality art prints of Harm's paintings, which would be issued in limited print runs. The idea was a great success, and gave birth to a marketing method for art that has brought commercial and financial success to thousands of artists....and pleasure to millions of collectors.

BRETT HARPER Brett Harper is the talented artist/businessman son of Edie and Charley Harper.

Charley Harper, artistCHARLEY HARPER For decades, Charley Harper (1922-2007) provided art collectors with unique views of the natural world. In a style that Charley called "minimal realism," the artist created stylized drawings and paintings that captured the essence of his subjects using the fewest possible elements. He explained, "I don't count the feathers; I just count the wings." Even prestigious collectors and wildlife museums recognized the quality of Charley's works. Despite the initial apparent simplicity of his images, critics recognized that "you had to know what to put in before you could decide what to leave out." Gallery One has proudly represented Charley's works, along with the works of wife Edie and, later, son Brett, since the 1980s. Through the years, many Gallery One clients attended special events featuring the works of Charley and Edie and were entertained by humorous explanations of their imagery.Today, a cult-like following continues to grow as Charley's works appeal to new generations of collectors who find his images are perfect with decors from the most traditional to the most contemporary. Charley's biography includes scores of prestigious commissions and honors. He designed over 50 "bio" posters for non-profit conservation groups, nature centers and zoos, United States national parks and monuments, and international wildlife sanctuaries and biosphere preserves. One of the first federally commissioned posters was the ecology of Glacier Bay National Park in the 1960s. Other works include the design of ceramic tile murals for the Federal Building and Convention Center in Cincinnati, as well as the Biology Building at Miami University in Ohio. He has also illustrated interpretive displays for Everglades National Park in Florida. Harper books include Charley Harper's Birds & Words, Beguiled By the Wild: The Art of Charley Harper, The Golden Book of Biology and The Animal Kingdom.

Edie Harper, artistEDIE HARPER Edie Harper was from Cincinnati. She was married to internationally-known artist Charley Harper. She is renowned for her distinctive paintings and prints of cats and Biblical stories with a contemporary flair. Her limited-edition silkscreen prints were nationally distributed. She was also a talented watercolor painter, photographer, weaver), enamelist, poster designer and book illustrator.

Lesley Harrison, artistLESLEY HARRISON After trying other mediums, Harrison picked up a stick of pastel in the mid-70s, and she knew this was her love. Harrison works on location and also uses reference photographs.This approach allows her to develop paintings that are fresh yet rendered with authority.The artist has received various honors and awards for her technical excellence in pastels, which are considered very difficult to master.The Pastel Society of the West Coast has recognized Harrison for three consecutive years for her contributions to pastel as an artistic medium.She is also a member of the exclusive Pastel Society of America.

DIANA HARVEY Educated at the University of Arkansas and the Prado Museum in Madrid, Diana Harvey has been a professional artist for 30 years with 50 editions available in print. She is winner of the 2008 President's Award, Artists of NW Arkansas Regional Competition, second place and honorable mention at the Hot Springs Art Center competition and she was selected for the 2009 governor's calendar among others.

G. Harvey, artistG. HARVEY Few artists have intrigued and captivated art collectors as widely as the celebrated painter, G. Harvey. During his storied career, G. Harvey has painted turn-of-the-century America as no other artist. His scenes are warm, thoughtful portraits of our country's bustling cities in a more genteel era and outstanding Western sagas of working cowhands at home in rugged landscapes. Gerald Harvey Jones, known to his patrons and peers as G. Harvey, grew up in the rugged hills in Central Texas where herds of longhorn cattle were driven along the dusty trails. This background has been the inspiration for the artist's commitment to portraying the spirit of America. G. Harvey is not only an extraordinary painter, but an accomplished sculptor. His original works and bronze sculptures are in the collections of major corporations, prestigious museums, American presidents, governors, foreign leaders and captains of industry. The artist has been the recipient of innumerable awards and the subject of four books. Harvey has been honored with one-man shows at the Smithsonian Institution and the National Archives in Washington D. C.

Linda Hartough, artistLINDA HARTOUGH A confirmed artist since the age of six, Linda was raised in the picturesque country sides of Wilmington, Delaware and Louisville, Kentucky. Much of her early career was spent in Chicago where, after receiving her Fine Arts degree from the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1970, she made a living by selling her paintings locally. Her work has gained international fame. She is the only artist ever commissioned by the United States Golf Association and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews to do the annual, official paintings and prints for the U.S. Open and British Open Championships. She has painted prestigious golf courses from the U.S. to Scotland to Hong Kong.

STEVE HENDERSON Steve Henderson specializes in the impressionistic realism school of painting, focusing on rural landscapes of the Pacific Northwest and foreign vistas of Colombia, Venezuela and Peru. A member of the Oil Painters of America, Henderson addresses his subject matter with bold brushstrokes, blended and swept into loose detail. A 1984 fine arts graduate of Central Washington University, Ellensburg WA, Steve has divided his time between commercial and medical illustration, graphic design, commissioned portraiture and fine art oil work.

Edna Hibel, artistEDNA HIBEL (1917-2014) For over 40 years, Edna Hibel has been referred to as America's best loved and most versatile artist. In 1995, she was commissioned by the Foundation of the National Archives to commemorate 75 years of women receiving the universal right to vote. At that time, she was acclaimed the "Heart and Conscience of America" by Lucy Baines Johnson, of the U.S. National Archives. Born in 1917 to Abraham and Lena Hibel, Edna grew up in the Boston area, where she met her husband of more than 60 years, Theodore (Todd) Plotkin. She began seriously painting at nine and developed a proficiency in tennis. She was educated at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts from 1935-39 and was later a special graduate student. In 1942, she was honored with the Sturtevant Traveling Fellowship to Mexico. Edna began pulling stone lithographs in 1966 in Boston and worked in a fourth generation atelier in Zurich in 1970. She developed systems for creating works with up to 32 stones (or colors) on paper, silk and wood veneer. Then she encouraged her porcelain manufacturers to allow her to create color separations with stone lithography which were transferred in a "secret" process onto Bavarian hard paste porcelain. These works are now called lithographs on porcelain. Next, she created the "Arte Ovale" series and various plaques with this technique. With both lithographs on paper and on other materials, she often segments her editions by colors, papers or the use of gold. Hibel's works have been exhibited in prestigious museums and galleries in more than 20 countries on four continents including national museums in Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Russia and the U.S. "” and under the royal patronage of Count and Countess Bernadotte of Germany, Count Thor Bonde of Sweden, the Prince and the late Princess Rainier of Monaco and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England. She received medals of honor from His Eminence Pope John Paul II and the late Belgian King Baudouin, and has received six honorary doctorate degrees. In addition, Hibel has received many humanitarian honors for more than one half century in raising donations with her work for children's and medical charities. She honored Gallery One with an appearance to open an exhibition in 2007.

Dwayne Hickman, artistDWAYNE HICKMAN One of television's most enduring stars, Dwayne Hickman began his diversified career at six with his film debut in "The Grapes of Wrath." As a teen, he worked opposite Bob Cummings, honing his comedic skills under the watchful eyes of George Burns and Jack Benny. Five years later, he landed the starring role in "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis," where he became the hero and spokesman for today's baby boomers. After "Dobie Gillis," Dwayne resumed his film career, starring in several teen movies including, "How to Stuff a Wild Bikini" with Annette Funicello and "Ski Party" with Frankie Avalon. He also starred in the Academy Award winning classic, "Cat Ballou" with Jane Fonda and Lee Marvin. Along with guest appearances on episodic television, Dwayne performed on stage, touring the country in productions of "Barefoot in the Park," "Star Spangled Girl" and "6 Rms Riv Vu." In the 1970's, after a brief stint as Entertainment Director at Howard Hughes' Landmark Hotel in Las Vegas, Dwayne returned to television, joining the corporate ranks as a network executive with CBS. For 10 years, he supervised such hits as "Maude," "M*A*S*H" and "Designing Women." Later, he left the network to star and produce the CBS Movie of the Week, "Bring Me the Head of Dobie Gillis." He met his future wife, actress/writer Joan Roberts, when she was co-starring in the CBS series, "Pvt. Benjamin." They were married in 1983. In addition to acting and directing, Dwayne along with wife Joan, co-authored his autobiography, "Forever Dobie - The Many Lives of Dwayne Hickman." Their proudest production is their son, Albert Thomas Hickman, born in 1992. Multifaceted, Dwayne is also a critically-acclaimed fine artist, painting in oils. His original works and giclees are sold in galleries across the country including Gallery One. His artwork has been featured on Good Morning America and in USA TODAY and is collected by notables including Clint Eastwood's Mission Ranch Hotel, Inns By the Sea, Inc. and the Delaware State News Corporation.

Matthew Hillier, artistMATTHEW HILLIER Matthew Hillier's extraordinary wildlife paintings offer the viewer a unique vantage point. His paintings express more than the physical characteristics of a species; they reveal something of its personality. Now living in the U.S., Hillier was born in Buckinghamshire, England, in 1958 and grew up near Windsor Castle. Drawing and painting animals is something he has loved to do since he was a child. Hillier's father was a museum designer who taught his son the rudiments of painting with watercolor, a medium Hillier used during his years as an illustrator, along with gouache. In recent years, when he made the transition from an illustrator to a wildlife artist, he also switched to acrylic because it involves a looser painting process. Traveling widely in search of subjects to study and paint, Hillier has visited Africa several times (where he was charged by an angry elephant), India, other parts of Europe and Southeast Asia. He loves the big cats and rhinos and finds himself drawn to water birds. Since moving to the States, he has begun painting North American subjects in addition to the dramatic African and bird subjects for which he is renowned. Hillier studied at Dyfed College of Art in Carmarthen, West Wales, graduating with distinction. Three of his paintings were accepted by the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, and he has exhibited regularly at the Pastel Society, the Society of Wildlife Artists, where he is a council member, The Royal Institute and the Miniature Society, as well as the Paris Salon, the Royal Society of Marine Artists and the Biarritz Salon. A member of the Society of Animal Artists, his work is part of their traveling exhibition. He has participated in Christie's Wildlife Art Auction, and his work has also been included in Leigh Yawkey Woodson's touring show of "Birds in Art." He has had one-man exhibitions throughout Great Britain, won awards worldwide and has illustrated several books.

DAVE HODGES Dave Hodges was born in 1949 in Pennsylvania. He received his BS from Montana State University in 1979. He was chosen by the Montana Arts Council to make the White House Christmas tree ornament for the state of Montana in 2002. A copy of his first sculpture, Fancy Footwork, owned by former President Reagan, is permanently displayed at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. A life-sized statue of a running horse, Free Spirit, enhances the city park in Big Timber MT. Articles on his work have been published in Southwest Art and Western Horseman.

Jessica Holm, artistJESSICA HOLM Jessica Holm is a writer, filmmaker, television star and fine artist "” not bad for a young English woman who began her career with a Ph.D. about red squirrels. Following four years of solo fieldwork on the Isle of Wight, Jessica became a British television personality when the BBC filmed an episode of their Wildlife on One nature series about her squirrel research. Since then Jessica has been a host on the BBC's annual coverage of Cruft's dog show and the National Cat Show, as well as making programs about the British countryside.

MARK HOPKINS Mark Hopkins is considered one of the premier sculptors in the United States today. From tabletop sculpture to monuments, his work is displayed in homes, offices, and public settings around the world. Mark Hopkins' work is in every way, a reflection of its creator. It reveals Mark's total fascination with nearly every conceivable aspect of life: from history, children, sports, music and religion to wildlife of the land, sea and air. With a style so flowing and alive it has been called "bronze in motion," the work is as passionate and expressive as the artist himself. In addition to his skill as an artist, Mark made himself a technical expert in the art of "lost wax" bronze casting. At the Mark Hopkins Sculpture foundry, Mark monitors the casting process, insuring that the integrity of his work is maintained throughout its creation in bronze. With the help of many talented craftsmen, Mark endeavors to establish an enduring legacy of high-quality bronze sculpture.

Erica Hopper, artistERICA HOPPER Artist Erica Hopper was born in Kansas City, Missouri, studied graphic and industrial design at San Diego State University, and continued her art education at the University of The Americas in Puebla, Mexico. During the 70’s and 80’s she was a successful illustrator with many published works in national periodicals.

BARRY HOWE Barry Howe has been photographing for 35 years, using medium and large format cameras. He began using a Hasselblad and a Calumet 4x5, acquired a Dierdorff 8x10 and a Pentax 6x7. Barry began producing cibachromes in the early 1970s and then changed to duraflex in the mid 1990s. Now many of the large photographs are laminated in either a high gloss or a matte surface. His specialty is city scenes.

Pat Hould, artistPAT HOULD Pat Lambrecht-Hould received her formal training at the University of Montana, Montana State University, and Eastern Montana College. She Majored in Applied Arts and started out working as a sculptor, later going into oil painting, and has spent the last 25 years working in transparent watercolor and acrylics. Pat now works exclusively in mixed media, her work being done on a gold leafed surface where she uses the leaf as a reflected light source. The work is very experimental and lends itself to the abstract, incorporating many different images into the paintings. Pat is a past president of the Midwest Watercolor Society, past director of Fine Arts for the Montana Institute of the Arts and a past director/owner of Beartooth Watercolor Workshops.

Donna Howell-Sickles, artistDONNA HOWELL-SICKLES They have energy, wit, wisdom and self-awareness. They have charm, style, independence and a love of animals that goes beyond the mythic. They are the cowgirls of Donna Howell-Sickles. It all started with a postcard. Howell-Sickles came upon a 40's-era, hand-tinted postcard of a woman dressed in wild west gear astride a big sorrel horse above the inscription, "Greetings from a real cowgirl from the ol' Southwest." "This was a wonderful image in that the colors were printed over the black and white processing," Howell-Sickles says. "And her bright red lips were printed just slightly off-center. That quality of the real and unreal fascinated me." That postcard started the Texas Tech University graduate on a search for her own American cowgirls, ones who were strong and joyous. The search led to rodeos and wild west shows, dating as far back as the 20's and reaching up until today. "I kind of got acquainted by name with all of these old rodeo women," she says. "Wonderfully, wildly atypical for their time." And from their inspiration and her own love of life and art, Howell-Sickles created a new cowgirl for the 90's and beyond. Now her images are eagerly sought by collectors, galleries and museums and adorn the walls of many a person who admires bold colors, decorative design and symbolic strength. Howell-Sickles has had more than a dozen one-woman shows and was named the featured artist at the American Woman Artist show at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming. Her book Cowgirl Rising was published in 1997.

Michael Humphries, artistMICHAEL HUMPHRIES Michael’s passion to become an artist began as a youngster growing up in Tampa, Florida. Michael knew his destiny was to draw and paint, and when his family moved to Long Beach, California, his artistic abilities blossomed. Throughout high school, Michael sought every opportunity to observe nature and create art. While in his second year of college, Michael was drafted and served as a member of the Army’s 1st Air Cavalry Division’s Combat Art Team in Vietnam. Upon his return, Michael continued his art education at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where he currently teaches.

Michael’s professional career began at Walt Disney Studios. While still a student at Art Center, Michael was asked to join Disney’s Feature Animation team as a background artist. Michael’s film credits include The Great Mouse Detective, The Rescuers Down Under, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, as well as Academy Award® winners Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and The Lion King. He continued with Disney as art director for The Steadfast Tin Soldier segment of Fantasia 2000, as well as two musical shorts, One by One and the Academy Award nominated short film The Little Match Girl. Michael was nominated for an Annie Award as production designer on Sony Pictures’ first 3D animated movie, Open Season. For his dedication to the art of animation, Michael was elected to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

ALAN HUNT Wildlife artist and activist Alan M. Hunt considers himself "a zoologist who paints wildlife." Hunt attended Middlesbrough Art College in Yorkshire and went on to study zoology at Leeds College and Bristol University. After graduation, he worked for several years as a zoologist, eventually becoming the director of the Chester Zoo in Chesire, England. Hunt has worked with birds and animals both in the wild and in captivity, in parks, zoos and wildlife reserves around the world. He has acted as a guide for birdwatchers and naturalists in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America. Hunt first learned about wildlife by sketching songbirds as a boy. The rolling moors and marshes near his home were prime habitat for birds from all over Europe, and Hunt's artistic skills developed quickly. After several years of sketching and painting as a hobby, Hunt decided to enroll in art college. But after a year of formal training, he became discouraged by the lack of importance his instructors placed on realistic wildlife art. Hunt began to paint full-time after his artwork began gaining interest. Over the years, Hunt has exhibited his artwork around the world and has gained many honors and awards. His wildlife art hangs in many public and private collections throughout the world, including Holland's prestigious Jacht Museum. With his backgrounds in both art and zoology, Hunt has the advantage of being able to study wildlife from two perspectives - that of scientist as well as artist.

DELIA HUNT Delia Hunt was born in 1939 in Texas. She studied art history and commercial art at Texas Tech University. She currently resides in Pennsylvania. She illustrated two books: He Called Them by Name and Tall Tale.

INGRID HUNT Ingrid Hunt was born in 1952 in Holland and currently resides in Ontario, Canada. Painting miniatures since 1990, she has received several awards, including Canadian Artist of the Year as named by Insight on Collectibles. Those collecting her work include The Skydome in Toronto, Atlas Van Lines, numerous Ronald McDonald Houses and the Royal Highness herself, Queen Elizabeth.

Wilson Hurley, artistWILSON HURLEY The decision to become an artist is not always easy. It took Wilson Hurley decades and two careers before he followed his muse. But his experiences added to his vision, making him one of the most respected landscape artists in the world and perhaps best known for his primordial portraits of the American West. One of Hurley's most monumental accomplishments is the creation of five unique American vistas, Windows to the West "” a series of forty by sixteen foot triptychs "” which hang in the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. These classic American works are worthy of the Hudson Valley School of Artists' maxim: "If you wish to see God's work, look about you." Hurley was born in Tulsa, the son of a lawyer who was to become Secretary of War in President Herbert Hoover's administration. Following a military career and a World War II assignment he practiced law in New Mexico, where spectacular views of the west fueled his hobby of painting. Then came the fateful appointment with a dying client, a terminally ill doctor who consulted Hurley about a will. With the knowledge of mortality forefront in his mind, Hurley decided to devote the rest of his life to art. Hurley is a founding member of the National Academy of Western Art and the recipient of their highest honor, the Prix de West.

Terry Isaac, artistTERRY ISAAC Terry Isaac paints North American wildlife and landscapes in addition to animals and birds of Africa and Asia. Although he received a formal art education, he feels his best training came from fieldwork and from studying the works of his favorite wildlife artists. Terry taught art at the secondary level in public schools prior to becoming a full-time professional. In addition to his extensive teaching background, Terry has shown his art in many public venues including Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum's prestigious events where he was featured in "Birds in Art" and "Wildlife: the Artist's View." He won two Gallery One Masterworks in Miniature People's Choice Awards and was named Artist of the Year at both the Florida Wildlife Expo and the Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Show. He was also named Artist of the Year for the National Zoo. He worked with Disney as part of a team that conceptualized the main character for the feature-length film, "Dinosaur." Additional achievements include commissions to paint the New York duck stamp as well as creating 145 waterfowl drawings for the Audubon Field Guides. His paintings are included in "Painting Birds Step by Step," "The Best of Wildlife Art," The Best of Wildlife Art 2" and his own book, "Painting the Drama of Wildlife, Step by Step." He has completed numerous commissions for corporate and private collectors. His originals and limited edition prints have been available at Gallery One since 1998. He lives with wife Kathleen in Canada.

Ron Iverson, artistRON IVERSON In addition to being an internationaly recognized painter, he is also a highly skilled professional photographer. He uses his photography skills, as well as his painting ability, to illustrate the Kingdom of God. Ron is an avid outdoorsman. His passions outside of daily studying and teaching the Word, are wildlife and nature photography and fishing, to include fly fishing in the Colorado Rockies. He spends as much time as he can fishing and hiking in the outdoors with his Golden Retriever, Kona.

Bret Iwan, artistBRET IWAN After graduating high school in 2000, Bret decided to pursue his love of art in hopes of becoming an animator or possibly a Disney Imagineer. Bret completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Ringling College of Art and Design in 2004 and moved to Kansas City to start a successful career at Hallmark Greeting Cards. Bret moved to Los Angeles in September 2009 to start the next chapter of his life. His first recording was Animal Kingdom´s Adventurers Celebration in June 2009. Around that same time, Bret was introduced to Collectors Editions and the Disney Fine Art program by an old college friend from Ringling... none other than Disney Artist Tim Rogerson.

The acrylic paintings of Bradley Jackson can brighten any room. Whether it is a painting of his nostalgic reminiscence of time past, a portrait of songbirds or an idyllic day of wandering in the beauty of a nature scene, Jackson's paintings are bright and airy, filled with lush colors. Now one of the most popular wildlife artist in the US, Bradley Jackson grew up in the woods of Northern Maine on the banks of the St. John River where he developed his deep affection and love of nature and wildlife. Jackson's works are included in many private collections throughout the world and he has exhibited in such prestigious art shows such as the National Wildlife Art Exhibition in Kansas City, the Wildlife Festival in Tulsa, Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, Charleston, the Michigan Wildlife Art Festival and the Waterfowl Festival in Easton MD.

Ryan Douglas Jacque, artistRYAN DOUGLAS JACQUE
Ryan Douglas Jacque is a native of Western Massachusetts. As a youth Ryan attended art workshops at The George Walter Vincent Smith Museum in Springfield Mass and studied fine line drawing at the now defunct Ashton Institute of Art in Newington, CT. Ryan attended Ringling College of Art and Design on a portfolio scholarship and Paier College of Art in Hamden, CT. As an art student, Ryan attended acclaimed wildlife artist John Seerey-Lester's "Wilderness Art Workshop" in Denali National Park, Alaska. Ryan has taught workshops at The Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA. Ryan’s portrait of internationally celebrated wildlife artist Robert Bateman, which Ryan gifted to Mr. Bateman in 2013, was enlarged and is on permanent display at The Robert Bateman Centre in Victoria, BC.

Scott Jacobs, artistSCOTT JACOBS
Scott Jacobs was the first gallery artist to become officially licensed worldwide by Harley-Davidson. Thus he created their 'Fine Art Program' in 1993. He was also officially licensed for the Marilyn Monroe Estate, creating images using their wine label, Marilyn Merlot. Approximately 80 countries exhibit Jacobs' works. In 2004, Scott Jacobs started his own publishing company, Scott Jacobs Studio and he is now independently licensed by Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Scott's work hangs in the permanent collection of Peterson's Museum in Beverly Hills, L. A. County Museum, St. Louis Museum, Cobb-Murrieta Museum and The Milwaukee Museum among others. The first Jacobs coffee table book, "The Art of Scott Jacobs" is currently out of print.

Paul James, artistPAUL JAMES
Artist Paul James grew up in rural Leicestershire, England. From an early age, Paul’s ability for both art and music was apparent. Initially he earned his living as a pianist. He started painting professionally in 1986. Essentially self-taught, he has developed his own artistic style, which he continues to hone and perfect. Paul’s work has achieved major accolades. These include finalist in the “Not the Turner Prize” 2003 and 2004, held at the prestigious Mall Galleries in London; “The Addenda Award”, Royal Birmingham Society of Artists in 2004, and was “People’s Favorite” at the Autumn Exhibition, Royal West of England Academy at Bristol in 2004. In 2006 he was awarded Signature Membership of “The Society of Animal Artists” based in New York.

Bill Jaxon, artistBILL JAXON
Born on a wheat farm in southwest Oklahoma, Bill's early days were spent around honest, hard-working people. These people knew the meaning of a good piece of dirt and that thunderstorms brought more good than harm. Bill won his first art competition at eight years of age in a national competition. Since that day there has been no doubt as to what his career would be. Bill was a campus leader at the University of Oklahoma, served as a graduate assistant in the Art Department, and graduated with honors obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts in painting and professional art. After college Bill formed his own company doing illustrations for magazines and advertisements. He then became illustrator for Oklahoma's largest newspaper for five years. While holding this position, his paintings and sculptures were exhibited in art shows and galleries.

Jay J. Johnson was born in 1958 in Massachusetts. A graduate of Cornell University, his work has been featured in several publications including Southwest Art, Wildlife Art and American Artist. He has exhibited at the Society of Animal Artists and Artists of America. He provided illustrations for the book, New England Nature Watch.

The richly-hued flowers in the paintings of Jane Jones may appear fragile and delicate, but they possess within them the power to command the eye and captivate the viewer. Jones isolates one or two flowers, highlighting their color and unique attributes. A simple vase, made timeless by its classic shape or a sparkling crystal bowl add to the contrasting play of light and shadow in her contemporary works that transcend time. Luminous and graceful, poised in spacious settings, her flowers radiate an inner light. Jones accomplishes this effect with an Old Masters technique, layering oil glazes over her opaque underpainting to achieve a depth of light and luminosity. Jones has won numerous awards, most notably the Floral Award presented by the American Artists Professional League at their annual Salmagundi Club show in NYC. She is also a member of Oil Painters of America, American Academy of Women Artists and Women Artists of the West. Her work can be seen in The Best of Flower Painting, Volumes I and II and she authored Classic Still Life Painting.

Swedish artist Lars Jonsson is known the world over for his lyrical paintings of wildlife subjects. Working primarily in oils or watercolors, Jonsson paints a variety of subjects though he has been studying, sketching and painting birds in particular since he was a boy. Jonsson made his debut in the art world at an exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History in Stockholm at the age of 15. He found his early fascination with birds and nature to be an enduring one. He has exhibited at museums and galleries throughout Sweden and England and his works have been included in several major wildlife art exhibits in North America, including Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum's "Birds in Art" where he was chosen as Master Artist.

Maine's Susan Knowles Jordan has studied with some of the east's best and most famous landscape and wildlife artists. She has won both the Maine Duck Stamp and the Maine Fish and Game Stamp competitions and New Hampshire's Migratory Waterfowl Stamp "” the first woman to be so honored.