Todd Van Fleet - Typhoon

I love the look of a cruiser bike. It’s a timeless form; a model of usefulness and simplicity. A bicycle is freedom, innovation, ingenuity, simplicity and the wind-in-your-face feeling like a young kid again. I try to capture the personalities of each and every bicycle that I find by incorporating them into different landscapes. Snapping the shutter is the easy part, finding the bikes, that's where there the real adventure begins.

Though it is all I ever wanted to be, landscape photographers are a dime a dozen. I created a few of these bicycle landscapes, and then they just took over. The bicycle added a new element of adventure and a greater challenge. The bikes became that thread of inspiration that took my work to the next level. - TVF


Todd Van Fleet - Typhoon

Release Year: 2015
Size: 40 x 60
Form: giclée on canvas
Custom Framing: available upon request

Product Code: VANTY1

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