Stephen Lyman - Return of the Falcon
Peregrine - the wanderer - has returned to Yosemite. Master of the air in grace, agility and speed, the peregrine falcon has been described as the perfect flying machine. Its spectacular aerial displays and power dives at prey, at times exceeding 200 miles per hour, has made it a favorite with falconers for centuries. After an absence of nearly forty years, the peregrine falcon is again nesting atop Yosemite's steep-sided cliffs and canyons. Augmentation of their nests by humans is helping them to return in numbers, but we must work to create and preserve an environment where these magnificent birds can once again fly free from the adverse impact of man. In this image, I have attempted to convey the immense space of Yosemite Valley with Half Dome bathed in the fleeting, golden light of sunset. A peregrine falcon, waiting for prey to fly within range of his extraordinarily keen eyesight, is perched on precipitous cliffs, ready to launch into the air. - SL

Stephen Lyman - Return of the Falcon

Release Year: 2012
Size: 35 x 22
Form: limited edition giclée on canvas
Edition Size: 75 numbered only
Artist Proofs: call or email to check on availability
Custom Framing: available upon request

Product Code: LYMRE3
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