Michael Dumas - Gypsy
The subject for this piece was observed in the French city of Arles, just inside the entrance of a narrow side street that accessed the busy central square. In this relative calm and quiet location, the man seemed lost in thought, trusting his four-footed companion to warn him of the approach of strangers. The contrast between the man's contemplative mood and the dog's alertness interested me greatly, and in the painting I pushed the thread of this idea as far as I could. Placing the dog between any observer and his master, and with his gaze directed straight at the viewer, there is little doubt of the dog's unwavering diligence. As a last touch, I added an arched shadow into the area at upper right, hoping to enhance the idea of a protective space. This shape was inspired by observing its real-life counterpart in the many access points to the old Roman Coliseum just a few streets away. — MD

Michael Dumas - Gypsy

Release Year: 2012
Size: 11 x 8
Form: giclée on canvas hand signed by the artist
Custom Framing: available upon request

Product Code: DUMGY1
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