Jim Daly - Winning Catch
He stands alone in the outfield unnoticed by fans. Suddenly the ball is hit, and he is the center of attention. All eyes are on him, and it is his moment. He goes into action. Arm upraised, legs pumping as he races for the ball, the sun shining in his eyes. Everyone holds his breath as the ball starts its downward arc. He leaps into the air as the ball smacks into the glove, stinging the palm of his hand. The pain is never felt as the cheers rise for the Winning Catch. - JD

Jim Daly - Winning Catch

Release Year: 1995
Size: 8.5 x 6.25
Form: limited edition print on paper
Edition Size: 950 numbered and hand signed by the artist
Artist Proofs: call or email to check on availability.
Custom Framing: available upon request

Product Code: DALWI5
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