James C. Christensen - Six Bird Hunters in Full Camouflage
Everyone has a friend or two involved in a sport that requires a lot of gear and a very specific approach. I see hunting birds with hammers mounted on flexible rods as pretty inefficient. Someone might say to one of the hunters, “It would be easier with a gun,” and the hunter would reply, “Yes, but where’s the challenge in that.” My idea wasn’t to make it easier; it was to make it more fun, more sporting and to allow more participation. The fun was in the preparation, in creating unique camouflage – although I suspect the guy using rocks will change his method next time out. The sixth bird hunter, of course, is very, very good. - JCC

James C. Christensen - Six Bird Hunters in Full Camouflage

Release Year: 1993
Size: 26.5 x 6.5
Form: bronze
Edition Size: 50 numbered and signed

Product Code: CHRSI1

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