James C. Christensen - Responsible Woman
What you have here is “woman as spiritual leader.” She has a candle, which is my way of showing that she is carrying the torch, or leading the way. You notice that she has spare candles. Candles are symbols of light and wisdom. She also has a many-handed clock, and there is a compass to help her figure out which way to go. But beyond the individual items she carries, this is more an homage to the modern woman rather than a dictate of what a woman should be. You can be the person you want to be, and the things you carry can mean what you want them to mean. - JCC

James C. Christensen - Responsible Woman

Release Year: 1997
Size: 9.5" high
Form: limited edition porcelain
Edition Size: 2500 numbered

Product Code: CHRRE4
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