Alan Brown - Three Cows (Mama Leopard with Cubs)
I complained to our Maasi friend, David, that I was not finding great leopard shots. I offered show us a special place where leopards were guaranteed. When I insisted upon paying him, he finally agreed that I could buy him a cow as a gift. I said that was a great idea...and I promised him a cow for every leopard he found us. I was more than happy to buy him three cows for this shot of a mom and cubs. By the way, he said he named one of the cows "Alan." - AB

Alan Brown - Three Cows (Mama Leopard with Cubs)

Release Year: 2006
Size: 16 x 20; other sizes may be available
Form: original giclée photograph on canvas, hand signed by the photographer
Custom Framing: available upon request

Product Code: BROTH2
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