Carl Brenders - In Northern Hunting Grounds
The only members of the cat family with short tails and black ear tufts are the lynx species. The Canadian lynx is the most impressive of the family. It has very long legs and tick, oversized feet for walking on snow, which covers its hunting grounds a very large part of the year. I did not want snow in my painting so I would be able to paint this beautiful background. An animal in a rocky background is a great combination. The softness of the fur makes a nice contrast with the hard rocks. The position and the angle of the animal in my artwork are, for me, its most elegant and attractive, and would also be perfect for a sculpture. They show that the white inside of the back legs is the only element that makes the lynx visible in this kind of landscape. The lynx’s main dish is the snowshoe hare. Some years, surrounded by hares, it gets very fat; but other times, mostly in a cycle of ten years, the number of hares starts to decline a lot. A difficult time then begins for this predator, who must sometimes travel hundreds of miles to find food. - CB

Carl Brenders - In Northern Hunting Grounds

Release Year: 1993
Size: 21.25 x 30 (companion print 6.75 x 30)
Form: limited edition print on paper (with s/n Canadian Lynx tryptch)
Edition Size: 1750 numbered and hand signed by the artist
Artist Proofs: call or email to check on availability.
Custom Framing: available upon request

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