Robert Bateman - Peregrine in Flight
The peregrine falcon is the prince of the air, but when I needed reference for my painting of the peregrine, wave and turnstones, I found that no reference material gave me adequate information on the flying falcon. This is not surprising since this bird can achieve incredible speed. No photographs were adequate. Although I am able to do quick action sketches, they are necessarily vague and lacking in exact detail. I was interested in the main shapes and proportions that I hope give the impression of this falcon's intense dynamic action. This sculpture was done over the course of several months after viewing peregrines at falconry centers, consulting with falconers and observing slow motion movies. I would like to thank in particular the Peregrine Fund, Inc. at Fort Collins, CO Their enthusiasm, knowledge and assistance were invaluable. - RB

Robert Bateman - Peregrine in Flight

Release Year: 1984
Size: 6.5 x 6.5
Form: limited edition bronze sculpture
Edition Size: 90 numbered and signed by the artist

Product Code: BATPE5

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