John Banovich - Fisherman on the River - Pbi6ak Ha Tyhbiiie

Pbi6ak Ha Tyhbiiie translates from Russian to "Fisherman on the the river "Toonsha" which is an upper tributary of the Serebryanka, mostly within the zapovednik of the Sikhote Alin biosphere reserve in the Russian Far of the last refuges on earth for the Siberian tiger.

Also known as the Amur tiger, its numbers in the wild are approximately 420 making one of the most endangered of all the great cats. It is a place I know well as I have tracked tigers in this wild, remote wilderness on several occasions with Researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society ...even finding a fresh tiger kill of a large sika deer stag.

Toonsha was the original name of the creek (indigenous or Chinese) before the Russians renamed so many things. The term "Ðûáàê" is a local slang word for fisherman. And this could be a common sight as tigers are opportunists who are attracted to movement...and unlike lions, they seem to really like water. - JB


John Banovich - Fisherman on the River - Pbi6ak Ha Tyhbiiie

Release Year: 2012
Size: 40 x 60
Form: limited edition giclée on canvas
Edition Size: 35 numbered and hand signed by the artist

Product Code: BANFI4
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