Alan Sakhavarz - Happy Hour - Great Horned Owl

Created for Gallery One’s Masterfools Event, this original sculpture is a laugh riot.

Drawing, painting and sculpting are the vehicles with which Alan Sakhavarz weaves his imagination into an art form. The common thread throughout his diverse creations is his quest for understanding the human condition and the world we live in. At times these thoughts are reflected in satirical narratives in cartoons and some times they manifest in lyrical manipulations of the human form. The latter convey subtle nuances of fleeting moments in life. Sakhavarz is self –taught artist who has worked in the tense environment of editorial rooms in Tehran and has experienced at first hand the devastating effects of political turmoil, revolution and social upheavals as an editorial cartoonist. For the past several, he has lived in Canada establishing himself as an accomplished painter and sculptor. This background has always been a constant influence in shaping the foundation of his work, hence, providing him with a unique ability to give shape to sometimes unspeakable ideas.


Alan Sakhavarz - Happy Hour - Great Horned Owl

Size: 8.5 x 8 x 6
Form: original ceramic sculpture

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