Charley Harper - Barn Owl & Harvest Mouse

From Beguiled by the Wild: The Art of Charley Harper, page 13 (Flower Valley Press, 1994):

The barn owl wears a valentine for a face, but he never sends it - he brings it. And like all small creatures of the night, the harvest mouse knows well its message: BE MINE. The owl-mouse affair has been going on for so long that it is a classic example of the enforcement of nature's unrepealable law that some must die in order that others may live. Is there a villain in the piece? Sure. The barn owl is a killer, say we who constantly strive to build a better mousetrap.

This also appeared as "Better Mousetrap" in Charles Harper's Birds & Words, page 130 (AMMO Books, 2008, reissued from 1972 original).


Charley Harper - Barn Owl & Harvest Mouse

Release Year: 1968
Size: 13 x 19
Form: original serigraph on paper
Edition Size: 500 numbered and hand signed by the artist
Artist Proofs: call or email to check on availability
Custom Framing: available upon request

Product Code: HARBAB

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