Bev Doolittle - Forest Has Eyes (book)
The Forest Has Eyes is a picture book for children, featuring twelve of Bev Doolittle's most popular camouflage and Native American animal-spirit paintings. The text by Elise Maclay invites readers to see the natural world and its animals with the native American's eyes, and to create their own stories while looking at the Doolittle's most-loved camouflage paintings are the basis for this "can-you-see-what-l-see" interactive book for children. “Her images, coupled with Elise Maclay's heightened prose, will stir reader's thoughts concerning both the natural world, and the spirits of those who walked before them" - Publisher's Weekly

65,000 copies in print. Full color throughout. Hardcover.

Bev Doolittle - Forest Has Eyes (book)

Release Year: 1998
Size: 12 x 9
Form: hardcover book
Edition Size: open

Product Code: DOOBO3
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