James C. Christensen - Queen Mab
The playwright Shakespeare and the poet Shelley fell under her spell. Countless lovers dream of her, waking to a happy bewitchment. Yet of all mortal men only one — artist James Christensen — has ever been granted an audience with the legendary Faerie Queen Mab. She commissioned him to paint her in the secluded glen where she holds court. And later, she issued another royal command: to sculpt her and three of her attendants in all their enchanting glory. (see also - "Fiona - Turtle Faerie", Adeline - Music Faerie and Cecily - Snail Faerie)

James C. Christensen - Queen Mab

Release Year: 2000
Size: 9.25" high
Form: pearl bisque
Edition Size: 1500 numbered

Product Code: CHRQU1

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