James C. Christensen - Olde World Santa
I wanted to create an image that would evoke both the history and traditions of the Christmas season. I was surprised to discover that our Christmas is not just a transplantation of old world traditions, but a synthesis of customs brought to this country by our forefathers. Our present day Santa Claus is a symbol, not only of Christmas, but represents our melting-pot society. While our Christmas character is the conglomeration of traditions of many people and lands, he has become American in the same way we have. This image is a fantasy, a personal interpretation of that "jolly old elf" that embodies not only the spirit of Christmas, but the best of America. - JCC

James C. Christensen - Olde World Santa

Release Year: 1995
Size: 7" high
Form: porcelain
Edition Size: open

Product Code: CHROL7

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