James C. Christensen - Fish Wizard
Although I like to think of the world as my classroom, I cannot possibly teach enough people as I’d like on my own. So like everyone else, sometimes I ask for a little help from my "friends." Allow the Fish Wizard – identified by his fish, my favorite symbol for unexpected everyday magic – to introduce himself. Carrying the weight of his responsibilities in the hump of his back, he travels around to preach the good word and keep out a mindful eye for fresh recruits who share in my favorite notion that "Believing is Seeing." (Are you one of them?) He carries a staff with the Latin benediction "blessed is the little fish." - JCC

James C. Christensen - Fish Wizard

Release Year: 1999
Size: 3" high
Form: limited edition porcelain
Edition Size: 1500 numbered

Product Code: CHRFI8
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  • $160.00

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