James C. Christensen - Enoch Altarpiece

For over a year, I painted "under the guise" of an obscure, 15th century Flemish painter, best known for, and named after, a multi-paneled masterpiece called The Enoch Altarpiece. Also known as Jehovah Teaches Enoch the Plan of Salvation, what remains of The Enoch Altarpiece are the two sides that once flanked the (missing) center panel. The two angels, who originally were positioned to bless the center scene, incorporate symbols of God’s original plan for man's salvation. With the angel on the left are fruit and a serpent, representing the Garden of Eden and the fall of man, while a skull pierced by an Easter Lily appears with the angel on the right, suggesting the triumph of Christ over death and the redemption of man.

The fact that the center panel is missing is rich with allegory as well. According to Christensen the missing center panel depicted not only Enoch and Jehovah, but the City of Enoch as well. Enoch was regarded by God to be so imbued with the Holy Spirit that he was "translated" or "taken from the earth" rather than suffer physical death.

No one is certain what happened to the missing center panel of The Enoch Altarpiece, but the hope is that it will one day return. - JCC

The Enoch Altarpiece is a framed, two-piece canvas print set. The artisan who created the frames for the original paintings was commissioned to create the elegant resin-molded frames, hand-brushed with gold, to recreate the look of 15th century art treasures.


James C. Christensen - Enoch Altarpiece

Release Year: 2004
Size: 24 x 14.5 each
Form: limited edition giclee diptych (set) on rigid board with hand-crafted frames
Edition Size: 250 numbered and hand signed by the artist
Artist Proofs: call or email to check on availability.
Custom Framing: available upon request

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