Kevin Daniel - Our Family Tree

The koala has a great sense of balance and the ability to support its weight when climbing. Its paws are endowed with long sharp claws that are able to grip and climb. Their thick woolly coats protect them from the heat and the cold...and repell rain. - KD

Kevin T. Daniel of Minnesota was born in 1951. He won several best in show awards and has been named artist of the year by a number of organizations. He is a regular contributor to Gallery One's MasterVisions and Masterworks in Miniature exhibitions, the Minnesota Wildlife Heritage Show and the National Wildlife and Western Show. He was named to USArt Magazine's Hall of Fame and is a two-time winner of the Minnesota Duck Stamp Competition. Kevin's images can be seen in the book, In Praise of Labs.


Kevin Daniel - Our Family Tree

Release Year: 2009
Size: 7 x 9.5
Form: original oil hand signed by the artist
Custom Framing: as shown

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