Alan Bean - Charlie Duke at Moonspeed*
As an Apollo 12 astronaut (fourth man on the moon), I wore moon boots and with my hammer, pounded in the lower portion of the flagstaff, broke off pieces of large rocks and drove core tubes into the moon soil to collect samples in November of 1969. As an artist, I used replicas of my boots and the actual hammer and an actual bit from the front of one of the core tubes that I drove one meter into the lunar surface when I was exploring the moon. With these tools and a bit of moon dust, I sculpted a textured surface unique in all of art history. - AB

Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke is moving at his maximum footspeed over the Moon, and he will be doing that a lot the next three days.   Even though he and astronaut John Young parked their electrically powered Rover nearby, they will be using their leg power for the many short excursions that are required to thoroughly investigate and document an exploration site. 


Alan Bean - Charlie Duke at Moonspeed*

Size: 19" X 23.5" (with frame)
Form: original mixed media
Custom Framing: framed as shown

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